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  1. hi larry, still hoping for WM new update.......... :D B) ;) :D :D :( :( <_< <_<
  2. WOW.... really hopeful...... So, please...please...please.... Do It..... :D B) ;) :D
  3. any update for english version? because in chinesse version already 2.4.2 version..... i hope it will be updated....
  4. i don't know what to say, Bro....... SUUUPPPEEEERRBBBBB.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :( :P :P :( :( B) :( :( :lol: :lol:
  5. this is what i'm talking about (Playing might and magic 2 using : 1. i check sound support without stereo and 16-bit audio quality. i assume that maybe it can run smoothly with less quality. 2. i start playing the games. 3. as you know, the fps games not more than 30 fps. 4. i open setting again. 5. surprisingly, i found that sound support, stereo, 16-bit audio, all of them are check. when i run games without sound support, it run with appx. 60 fps. NICE!!!! my handheld: samsung c6625. ROM 6.5 cooked (Revalution). Procc. 393 mhz (233 mhz). Hope for the best...
  6. i also try this trick on might and magic 2 too. same with you, cannot find any different. a lot of games also has this problem too. Note: If i'm not mistake, when i set the game with the "uncheck autoframe skip" or other setting (GENESIS setting), the emulator won't let that happen and revert to original setting. maybe this is the problem. i found it on 2018. you can check it either..... tell me if i'm wrong.... edit: oops..... my fault. sorry. i try it again. nothing problem with the setting. arrggghh........ the only thing that error is my brain.
  7. dablo

    PocketSNES 1.53

    Yup..!!! 153 for windows mobile standard (smartphone)
  8. unfortunately, Samsung Jet doesn't have any Operating System (like symbian or windows mobile) and as far as i know it only have Java. GBA need memory at least 32mb and Java (J2ME) doesn't have that requirement. That's why you won't find any GBA emulator using Java but Symbian and windows mobile......... i know this problem because lately i want to build GBA emulator based on Java but i have to buried my obsession after knowing this problem...... You can play NES/SNES/GBC on Java because it doesn't need higher memory.... Also i don't know if it will work on touchscreen device are not...... NES = vnes GBC = vGbx SNES = maybe TurboSNES (I forgot it..... sorry!) Hope for The best
  9. dear bitbank, still, sometimes i have same problem (lagging) even using cooked rom......... BUT i finally found the problem!!!!! the problem appear when i check "auto frame skip". If i uncheck this option, the games run smoothly and i didn't find any problem. So, i don't have any problem with video render...... if anyone find this kinda problem, just uncheck the "auto frame skip" option. :huh: dear TripFX, i'm sorry. i have late to give you "the compatible games list". i'm very busy lately (we have serious disease problem in my country). also, i have lagging problem like my previous posts. in the other hand, i have more than 300 NES and GBC games to test. i'll send you my list as soon as possible. hope for the best.
  10. wow.... in ROM 6.5.3 (Remora), games run smoothly...... thanks for the advice.... :D :D ;) :D Hope for the best.....
  11. thanks for the reply....... OK. i get it. its true that video display in my device, specially using wm 6.1 are most common issue. But some forum said that there is some upgrade in cooked WM (6.5.3). i have already try it in high quality video and no problem. i'll try it and i'll tell it as soon as possible because i don't want to lose this emulator. The Best, man..... hope for the best....
  12. hi again bitbank, i'm still having a problem running this emulator. it has lagging when i play a game specially gameboy, sometimes in NES and i'm not playing much in Sega Genesis so i don't know. i didn't find this kinda problem with previous release. Have you change the engine? my device is Samsung Valencia C6625, 393Mhz. winmo 6.1. Maybe you should post what minimum requirement playing this emulator. i have already upgrade the firmware into latest one but it doesn't solve anything. Now, i have already upgrade from 6.1 to 6.5.3 cooked rom (Remora). i hope there is improvement there..... Hope for the Best....
  13. WHAT!!!!!! B) :D :D :D GBA fair enough. same with my country..... but a DS lite you can buy it for about 140US$..... and it's true!!!! BTW, what are we talking about....????? :( :( :P :P
  14. hahahaha..... i don't know.... :( :( :P :P Btw, i've already upgrade my device but nothing happen........ maybe i can buy GBA handheld and stick it with my WM in the back...... so i can play GBA instantly.... hhahaahaha, what a stupid!!!!!!!!!!

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