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  1. Hi masters :angry: I bought a OMNIA2 and i want to flash it with moded 6.5rom to extra lite specification with max free memory for programs . in my previous phone omnia , i use of PDHEE or OCK roms and that roms was rock. can u help me to choose best rom for my OMNIA2 PLEASE . thanks :D
  2. if i use of HD2 and i play with app and menus and send and recive sms and missed calls . HD2 battery life ?
  3. Hi mates :huh: I have an omnia and I love winmo but touch sensitivity in omnia not good for me. I plan to buy a new windows mobile BUT I can’t decide which one is better. I know HD2 is the best but it’s a little big and I think battery life isn’t good, is it true? I want to buy a windows mobile with: 1. Powerful CPU, ram. 2. Best battery life. 3. AND BEEEEEEST SOFTWARE SUPPORT (with standard resolution). 4. Best touch sensitivity (maybe like iphone) I want to have winmo device with capacitive touch screen if it’s possible, or a resistive touch screen mobile with sensitive and good touch screen. (My sister has a Nokia 5800 and touch sensitivity in 5800 is soooo much better than my omnia) Therefore a resistive windows mobile like 5800 touch screen sensitivity. Now which phone you prefer to me? Thaaaaanks :P
  4. Hi Master OCK yes its happen for every recived sms . i found every sms with incorrect time . but send sms time is ok . (in PDHEE roms this problem will fixed . )
  5. Hi master OCK and mates I use your 23551 lite rom and i found a problem in this rom ! : SmS recive time on this rom writen incorrect :-( , how can we fix this problem ? Can you fix this problem ? ( before your roms i use pdhee roms and on thats sms recive time work exactly )
  6. thanks sinan :-* i love extra extra lite and VERY FAST winmo 6.1 . i think ur work is best on winmo 6.1 . now whats ur suggest the best FAST,STABLE,ULTRA LITE WINMO 6.1 for me ? Merhaba sinan sinan bana hangi winmo yu onerirsin ? bana suret va iyi chalishmak winmo da chok unemli . ban birinci postdan chikaramadim hangisi iyi ?! bana yardim ede bilirmisin ? teshekur ederim :-*
  7. Mr Dhee Thanks for ur rooms . u answer for all req , and i req of u 23620 EXTRA LITE . why u dont upload it anywhere ? wich extra lite roon have more speed and smoothy ?
  8. Hi mates & Mr Dhee Wich rom have more speed and smoothy in app ? i want to have a wm with high speed that work smooth and clear. and please upload ExtraLite 23620 beta2 in mediafire . tnx
  9. Hi mates :) Now wich cooked win for OMNIA have high performance with high speed ? i want to have only a win on my omnia with high speed for run app smoth . now i use of QBUS QB07 . thanks
  10. Hi mates I have a omnia and i test so many coocked rom for it . ( sectors,ryrzy,... ) but at last i back to original rom (JCIC1). Now i have request of modder for mod a original rom for a little changes. My last moded rom that i use of it (RYRZY 28002_M2D) . Now can anyone mod JCIC1 rom with this options : *)First of all change it to a light rom (delet any original ringtone and ...) for have more space on win drive. *)When we press start menu show the default menu and when we press All program , link to menu , like RYRZY 28002_M2D menus. *)Use improved touch options like ryrzy last rom (RYRZY 28002_M2D) . *)Please add this app for rom : SmSChat+RescoExplorer+SRS WoW HD+BlueZard+FingerKeyboard+Spam alert+TCMP+ObexInbox+DisplaySwitch+RamOptimizer. *)Dont apply any M2D or Titanum , ... skin. *)Use Startup and shutdown like RYRZY 28002_M2D . thaaanks
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