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  1. Hi, Paul, recently did a shift from HTC one to Galaxy s4, one of the things i noticed, that they have completely lockdown bootloader, any thoughts about that, Sorry its bit offtopic. but surely that may prevent from switch working as it should.
  2. I think this is more applish/microsoftish kinda thinking, in windows phone u do not know where your photos are going and how to find them if you need a file
  3. Man Get it at 38500 thats the right price, u will wait forever if u expect it 36500
  4. Hey u were in pune, did you have to pay any octroi in pune!! thats the reason i did not purchase from Ebay, Another thing does any one have any idea, about screen recorder function i liked it very much, but no one is bothered by its absence it seems!!
  5. Thats reassuaring, can u please tell me ur source, as on xda they are saying this feature is cancelled due to copyright issue
  6. Any idea when screen recording will be up!!, Thats bit downer for me!!
  7. Have u seen that there is no scree recorder function!!!
  8. Hey all I must say I loved scree record function shown in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DcgZum8M1o at 06.52, by pressing home and vol up, but it is not working for me! i am on UK fimware latest!! can anyone help me And any owners confirm that this is working for them!!
  9. Thanks for the referance, was looking for this one
  10. Updating with UK rom wont increase ur counter, I do not agree that HTC devices are easier, they are among most difficult and sammy is pretty easy, And they are even brickproof, remember USB Jig for my s2,
  11. I got it with Uk firmware, use ODIN and UK firmware from samfirmware, dr ketan has created all in one in xda original development thread,
  12. i dont have number, its opp JM temple, ALONG SIIDE KENSHA, he sold two grey along with mine, so i suppose he has more
  13. Hurrayyy!! GOT grey at JM road at Pune 38500, wow is the word!!!, tonight is feast!!
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