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  1. fantasytozi

    HTC One: This is not the Sense you love to hate

    I actually found that useful, cause back in the day with even HD2, or my One X, I merge alot of Google Contacts with FB ones and Twitter ones, these HTC DATA saved me a lot of time doing it again
  2. fantasytozi

    10K for £10k for Childhood Leukemia

    Donated and retweeted! Just a small amount but hope that helps :P
  3. That's a great sign. Please keep us update :D
  4. fantasytozi

    2.1 Market Help Needed

    Seem like the popular problem with the Hero before. Guys who cannot download via wifi, did u try via 3G? If it works via 3G, it could be sth related to ur wifi network
  5. I just cant get to work for 3g, cant setup APN for working. MNC and MCC on my network have to be different than 01 and 001
  6. Same thing to me, with three network, just sold the phone
  7. fantasytozi

    Best Streak Apps

    Try aTAKEphone, if I remember correctly. It has smart dial function
  8. fantasytozi

    Home Screen Setup - Show Me Yours :)

    He used ADW Launcher. Search for it :lol:
  9. Damn, someone was super lucky yesterday. Maybe because the launch of iphone4 so no one care about the streak
  10. Here is a collection of nature wallpapers for you guys who love Dell Default Home more than ADW. Just collected it last night. ADW is great but it's still not fully compatible with the Streak for some widgets Enjoy! ;) http://www.mediafire.com/?mttvyn5jjdy
  11. fantasytozi

    Home Screen Setup - Show Me Yours :)

    What is that scrolling messenger and weather widget? ;)
  12. Just want to make sure, if we cut our sim to use with rebel sim, is the sim can be use in unlocked phones/our old phones again? Or is it useless when being cut?
  13. Could u please share with us where u buy the rebel sim with the reader for flashing firmware? Thanks a lot
  14. fantasytozi

    SIM unlock

    That's strange. I'll wait for your news 1st before buying it. Maybe Streak's price will go down, who'd know? :)
  15. fantasytozi

    SIM unlock

    Hi Paul, u bought it sim free, does it mean u bought on PAYG 399 at O2 shop or 429 at CPW? :)

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