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  1. I wish I knew more about the technical details of this stuff and I hope to learn more at some point. I am technical but really a Microsoft programmer/manager (yea I slipped into the management world and forgot 80% of what i knew). I had seen the Unofficial 1.2 which could be an option with the itch or the Fresh Rom is getting closer. .5D (just released) seems to address most of their issues but they are still having issues getting WIFI Tether to work and it seems there may still be an issue with bluetooth headsets (Media, but phone seems to work). (This issue is important for me as I listen at home, on walks, and at work via a MOTO S9HD.) I really just like how stable MoDaCo 1.1 was from the very beginning, I don't really care to strip all the Sock Apps as that really doesn't free up extra ROM (that I care to use) and I use the Apps2SD anyway, ... I am not unhappy with MoDaCo 1.1 so I will likely stay there until MoDaCo has an update. (The only MOD I do to MoDaCo 1.1 is to execute the command to remove the SSH. Not sure if it is really true or not but it seems that the battery does better without it and I don't seem to have a use for it. I even very successfully ran the Swapper application on top of this for a little while, but it doesn't make a huge difference in my case and I don't want to kill my SD card so I don't use it now.)
  2. I spoke too fast when i put up my last post. Over at XDA MoDaCo indicated that yes he would work on this for us (keep in mind that it appears that Paul is really just doing this out of kindness and maybe a little sport as he doesn't seem to have a CDMA Hero) but that he was out of town (actually in the US) on Business. He also indicated that we might see something on Mondayish... :-) I am glad to see multiple people working on ROMs and to see that people are even taking MoDaCo's work and building on it. But, I have simply had no issues with MoDaCo's 1.1 ROM and to be honest my primary reason for Rooting is to get a good implementation of Apps2SD. I also like that the Super User Application actually works in Paul's ROM. Hope this helps ease the waiting. I know for me half the battle is always knowing. Paul, Thank-You for your efforts. No matter your motivation the results are greatly appreciated. -Rokair
  3. Paul, I know I'm just being impatient... (Sorry ahead of time.) But, should we still be expecting an update for the Maintenance Release from you? I tried the Fresh ROM... Even after a Nadroid restore to just after Root and a complete system wipe it didn't work correctly with Apps2SD and didn't seem to work correctly with the Super User Application (no prompts). Besides I REALLY like your 1.1 version so I'm hoping to stay with Modaco. Thanks, Jim (rokair)
  4. I certainly could do the second (but it sounds like we would both prefer the first option)... However, for the first option I would need some assistance/information. How, would I go about doing that? And, in either case where would I upload the file(s) once captured?
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