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  1. I was having the freeze issue (when answering a call) with 25018 Premium, so have reverted back to 23563 Premium.
  2. Nope. I can understand your question on "what's new", but a chef probably doesn't have a definative list until they have the new ROM ready for release.
  3. Like X-pro said... please look back through the thread. But, if you need "spoon feeding", posts 3924 and 3984.... :)
  4. +2 for first one. But Ock, you make so hard to stick to the one ROM...... :( Keep up the good work!
  5. Hi Ock, A while ago I was having issues selecting people from the phone list (contacts was ok thought), touchscreen was unresponsive or very slow with alot of builds. Well the Premium 23551 build has fixed the issue. Not sure if you actually found out what the problem was, but thanks for your efforts.
  6. M2D 25001 has the contacts selection issue too. The way around it is to use your thumbpad, just that you might get a tired thumb if you have alot of them.... M2D 23518 does not have the problem.
  7. Not sure how you tell between the default and Samsung's app, but from the "home" screen, select "phone", contacts list appears with the phone keypad. It's here that trying to select a contact is failing. Scrolling is good, but most of the time it will not allow you to select a contact even if you tap 20 times or hold. I can use the thumbpad, so the problem is just with the touchscreen. The touchscreen selection is ok when using the "phonebook" and any other screen. Thanks.
  8. Ock, Not sure if this just got lost in all the other comments, but problem still exists and only in the contacts screen, can scroll ok, but will fail to select the contact majority of the time. Thanks
  9. Hi Ock, Just updated to M2D 25001 from M2D 23518. Found an issue when trying select a contact from my contacts list. Seems either very slow or a hit and miss affair when trying to select a name from the list, guess you could say the touchscreen is ignoring the selection most of the time. Other menu functions are ok. Reverted back to 23518 to check, but that build is not affected. Thanks for your ROMS.
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