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  1. @Trip : Thanks for your great work :) Using build 12 now and I must say it is amazing ! ( If I could buy a fresh beer, i would ^^ Why not come to France ;) ) Are there any plans on updating AOKP or TripNDroid ? And, even if I know the problem with XDA, is there a way you get this pushed to the official CM9 repo's (or AOKP, which I prefer :) ) Good Luck !
  2. @Trip : any news about updating TripNDroid with the new kernel and fixes (for echo mostly) ? Looking forwardto this ;)
  3. When the 4 cores are running, they only get to 1.4Ghz (1.5Ghz is only the max if one core is running) So This basically means your device is running at full speed with all 4 cores on. Are you sure there is nothing running in the background ?
  4. I didn't try any custom kernels, as I only try out kernels when everything is working well allready.
  5. The person on the other side has an echo on every call, no matter if I call or they do. My HOX is from Germany and I am on a french network. I am only asking, but could the fact to flash a certain RUU help out ? (would this RUU change things a rom.zip and boot.img don't affect ?)
  6. Are the echo's fixed for those still having it ? @Trip, you are speaking of no restore for the echo fixes to work. Of what type of restore are you talking about ? I don't think that restoring apps and affiliated data touches the system or config part of the rom... Thans for your hard work :)
  7. Team Oxygen is porting it also (but open-source this time) It's a WIP, but apparently they are doing great progress. Look for "netchip" on twitter
  8. Hoping Echo is solved :) Only thing which does keep me from using this as a daily ^^
  9. Just a question regarding echo, would the fact to install a certain RUU before installing this ROM help somehow ?
  10. 9 seconds on the Power switch button = battery pull if I remember well
  11. I found out reading through threads, that using the "fix permissions" option in CWM recovery should do the same (and is more noob friendly...)
  12. What do I have to do to flash bricked kernel ? I'm coming from another rom so will have to flash boot.img anyways...
  13. I just can't stand Sense anylonger... please... there must be a way to get this working
  14. Has somebody been able to see if the echo is RIL related ? if yes, how can I change the RIL to a working one ? thanks !
  15. nope, I'm on a french one... Would it be possible that there are different versions of the secondary mic ? and so, some people have one working with this code, others are not supported ?
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