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  1. good to see someone is working on this again... keep it up MinL!! :)
  2. can octans still detect the phone? not sure flashing a windows rom will help??
  3. Thanks Voyteckst and all developers! It is a great achievement that this project comes so far. just that it is a pity to stop so close in making it complete. guess there is less and less i8000 user now as more and more android phone come out, especially with launch of S3 the 3rd flagship phone after i8000
  4. so far never encounter this problem flashing NRG's rom... you may want to try flash with rom and csc from Speedfrog's rom in this link first http://windows.modaco.com/topic/325169-new-firmware-i8000nxjj1/ If everything works fine, then you try to flash NRG's rom without csc again. hope it works for you
  5. Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to delete and re-create the partition, format then re-run the installation
  6. It is very clear the update only fix App2SD problem, nothing else is mentioned. just curious, with "My phone number Unknown", does it affect the phone performance or usage? what is the advantage to have it 'known' ? thanks
  7. use "MiniTool Partition Wizard" to re-create the partition, re-format into fat32.
  8. Hi xibianliang and job21, did any of you manage to try this? http://www.51haoa.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=315000&extra=page%3D1&page=1
  9. just to share, normally my battery can last at least 2-3 days if most time on standby with few calls and texting. for intensive usage like many calls, texting, play games while listening mp3 for 1-2hrs and surf internet with 3G, it always last about 1 day. maybe you want to turn-off Wifi, turn on only when need to use. set weather data update to manual or auto update every 6hrs, 12hrs or longer interval disconnect data connection when sleep hope these help anyway, the new ROMs for Jul are available for download now. Enjoy!! :)
  10. I am trying to copy original R2VS dll in Windows folder to backup folder in My Storage using total commander but it says error "cannot copy or move file!" ;) Try removing system and read only attributes of R2VS dll using total commander but these attributes remain same. Any helps to backup original R2VS dll appreciated
  11. I think you are right. I always have the impression that Opera Mini is much much fluid and fast compare to other apps in almost all roms I tried. So I guess how the apps are written do make a different too, not just the rom only :D
  12. Apr30 rom seems to totally solve my phone hang issues with apps like TouchPal and Bubble Birds :unsure: Thanks Chef!!
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