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  1. I'd argue that cellphone cameras are more than "good enough" and have been for a while now on any even moderately upper-end phone, people wanting to use it AS a camera, should get a proper camera or you'll be forever stuck with fixed apertures, fixed zoom and disappointing optics due to the size of the lenses themselves. Adding more megapixels is not the answer, they're hitting physical limitations unless they find way to shove more light at a higher quality into a ~3mm lens. Android is "too hard" for many people but more powerful/versatile for those who can grasp it. The issues with OS updates need to be addressed, but I doubt it's going to happen any time soon, if ever, in any useful fashion. The Windows phone UI is much more intuitive for basic functions, but quite obtuse for many things and limited in customisability. The same can be said of iOS to an extent, which is both a good thing & bad thing when viewed from different angles, but it makes up for it in the oft quoted number of available apps and ubiquitousness of the devices. It is all about compromises, power versus simplicity, functionality versus battery life and/or size. To a certain extent, it's about brand acceptance, hence the popularity of the iDevices which has waned as they've become so commonplace as to be almost a Volksfone. Taken to extremes this results in fanboyism which again has it's pros & cons both for the brand and the product. Innovation has been fairly stagnant for the past couple of years with any new models being largely iterative in both design and function. Do we need "the next big thing", or do people just want to be able to use their phone for more than a day between charges? Be able to see the screen in bright sunlight? Take recognisable photos of non-static objects? Addressing the basics might not be great for marketing, but is it needed more than some showstopping new feature? Can we even conceive what that might be beyond a totally new OS?
  2. I used it briefly, couldn't see any way of getting vertical navbar when in landscape mode though. Other than that it seemed pretty stable. I've been using CM10 on my Galaxy Note as a daily driver for about a fortnight or so and it's generally rock solid apart from a bit of a memory leak that a reboot every other day sorts out.
  3. Bump - No other firmware with vertical navbars out there?
  4. I got the 8GB version so its nigh impossible for mine to have much more than 4GB free at best, and that's assuming I don't have any files on it. It doesn't seem to be particularly laggy, although I did a massive cleanout and it did make it noticably snappier. I also disabled a number of things like Google Now (which strikes me as being totally useless), all the Play apps (other than the store, they aren't supported in New Zealand) and assorted other bits & pieces. It's now very quick, will see if I can run some sort of benchmark on it (I think AnTuTu does I/O tests?)
  5. Has anyone managed to get any of the AOSP derived firmwares (incl. CM10 & AOKP) to display a vertical navbar when the N7 is in landscape mode? There sometimes appears to be an option to do it (not very obviously worded) but it doesn't work. Anyone had success? The sizeable loss of vertical screen real estate in landscape makes browsing less convenient.
  6. It's a modified version of the original factory firmware, there are (essentially) no new settings. Details are all in the 1st post.
  7. So I can plug my WiFi connected N7 into a laptop and use the tethered USB as an isolated network interface for a VM.
  8. Try Mobo player. VPlayer also supports playing from shares, as well as from UPnP/DLNA servers. 1080p and DTS sound are pretty irrelevant on an approx 720p device with stereo audio.
  9. Try a different player app. I use VPlayer which autohides the bar while playing.
  10. There don't appear to be any pictures of cases on that link and none of the text is in english to look for details.
  11. Strangely, the WebOS Facebook app is actually rather good, so why is the Android version such a pile?
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