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  1. No new rom...no problem, Paul "warned" us that this could happen no time left for S2 development...also no problem. No 60 seconds left to reply in a thread and fully ignore your visitors and the questions they ask.....bad for your reputation. For me GR6 for S2 is a closed case. I've moved over to http://forum.xda-dev...play.php?f=1055
  2. Due to the fact that Paul hasn't visited this discussion since september 6 (his first and only post after the GR5 release on august 19) and none of the recent questions have been answered, I think this moment has come: (from the first post) "By providing this ROM I am not implying in any way that future updates will follow. Due to limits on my time and the fact that I have a large number of devices for short periods of time, it isn't possible for me to continue providing ROM updates indefinitely"
  3. Rom runs fine but XiiaLive keeps nagging about not having an internet connection while other apps who rely on a netwerk connection run fine. anybody else with this problem or is willing to give it a try? I hate to reflash if it doesn't solve a problem.
  4. No, don't have NoLED installed, only GR5 and the BLN addon. I put the S2 in the deskstand and switch the screen off. After a few hours a notifications pops up saying the phone is fully charged. From that moment on the clock kicks in and the screen doesn't switch off anymore until I switch is off in the morning.
  5. I have GR5 Vanilla edition installed on my SGS2. This rom works almost flawless. I have one "problem". I charge my SGS2 in a samsung deskstand next to my bed. At night, when my S2 is fully charged the system pops up a notification. After that the screen stays awake, displaying the clock, and does not return to it's sleep mode. Very annoying because the brightness of the screen does wake ME sometimes and the device has to be switched off manually. Because I rooted my device the day that I bought it I don't know if this problem already existed in the standard rom.
  6. + 1, I couldn't change my APN settings due to constant FC's in the settings menu. Downloaded this version only a few minutes ago, did a full wipe.
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