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  1. the latest honeyice update has this one added: -Added USB Ethernet support
  2. you shouldn't complain indeed. i just pointed out that this rom still gets improved, just by another author. nothing wrong with that, since the honey ice updates are approved by the maker of vegacomb, and the updates are never without credits to the vegacomb team.
  3. you guys have to keep in mind that vegacomb 9n u3 isn't 100% bug free. someone at tabletroms had pickud up the work and started to make updates voor vegacomb, called honeyice. this will resolve much problems you guys have.
  4. it wont download the whole package.. it stops at 22 mb, everytime saying "there is no connection" :(
  5. why did you install vegacomb beta 1.7? you need to search for the last version of vegacomb.. (you can also search for honeyice updates for vegacomb)
  6. not all the apps can work on/go to sd.. sow then you have to puzzle i think haha but with corvus, the space is much larger then with vegacomb :)
  7. my answer would be corvus.. it is a really good rom and you can download adw ex as launcher (makes it more "pretty" for the girl with the animations).. it is fast, it is stable, lots of memory (compaired to vegacomb, sow many apps possible) and just 99% bug-free (don't know the 1% tho' haha)
  8. you could flash the modded v2 stock rom, and then reinstall vegacomb. just hook it up to your pc, turn it off completely (6 sec power button).. then hold the back button, after 2 sec also hold the power button.. you know the drill.
  9. woooow!! thankssssss, that was the last missing piece for me! :D vegacomb as standard rom now, instead of corvus! :D what a great great work!
  10. the wifi problem I had, isnt fixed in the diet update i downloaded from tabletroms, saying it was fixed. gave it a try today, but it kept endlessly saying "connecting". it's about the ttls/pap certificate. :)
  11. download an app that can do it? just download the first photo editting app you come by
  12. I don't know exactly what the answer is.. but: I had the same problem.. I was at school and decided I wanted to go back from corvus to a vegacomb back up.. I didn't wipe cache and dalvik, and flashed the back up.. it didnt work haha :P (normally it does work with being on corvus and switching to a modaco r8 back up)
  13. let's hope.. and let's hope that update will arrive soon. :)
  14. switched back to corvus.. sow far my love for it. been waiting for 2 months now, for something that was easily fixed they said. Logs and all are sent 2 months ago, plus a lot of people with me are waiting for a PEAP/MASCV2 fix. too bad.. made a donation and allways appreciated vegacomb, but I just can't work without the wifi fix. :(
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