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  1. Using this B7610 I still have a couple of cproblems: 1) Mail attachments I'm using gmail with push configuration. Most of the time the attachment are NOT downloaded. I tried to mark them as to be downloaded in outlook but noting works. I tried do access to mail via webmail (using opera) but also in this modality I'm not able to download these attachments Tried the same with IE but it say that is not able to write in the cache. So no possibility to download. 2) Greenish screen This problem still remains also deactivating auto brightness. 3) with skype the audio is directed to the live speaker instead to the normal speaker of the phone. 4) Blue tooth strange issue When I connect the B7610 is recognized by the other device Whit the user name not with the device name as it must be Do someone found a solution for these problems?
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