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  1. Sorry, regarding the previous source. They are working for a company called "borqs" that appear to develop the ROM for this device. I'm fairly sure he has said builds though he would like to keep his job.
  2. Ah right yea. The debugger is likely expensive, JTAG itself is open however and the flashing part is fairly standard. Any old JTAG will do for that.
  3. Wrong, JTAG hardware costs very little. You can get a basic JTAG adaptor for £30, or even less if you have a parallel port. The issue is finding the points on the PCB, it's unlikely there is a JTAG header.
  4. If you want to go to hardware hacks, we can flash the flash directly and overwrite the bootloader easily. The point is, it's not practical.
  5. As I said, they can't say any more. It doesn't seem like he touches the bootloader at all, they have engineering devices with the engineering bootloader already.
  6. Righto, hello guys. I've been speaking to someone who actually develops the firmware for the device, and he can't tell me any more but he has told me that: 1) The IFWI is the modem firmware for the device 2) The K800 and OSD use the same Intel CPU but a different modem so their IFWI is not compatible 3) Their user builds are labelled similarly to the leak we have, however instead of eng.release it's something like supk_user.release.mfld_pr2.BKB4OUK.devr3.i284 4) They do not use the tool to flash engineering firmware
  7. That file name makes it sound as though it's only related to WiDi (Wireless Display).
  8. Bletch. I give in, without a device it's a real pain. Sorry all, but unless I get a device it's up to the rest of you, unless you have anything really specific.
  9. No, that's not what it's looking for as far as I can tell.
  10. Right okay, issue is is that it's an oem card meaning it's damn near impossible to get any information about it. Try putting the following in a file called PartitionDisk #!/bin/sh echo testing .sh in sbin on the sdcard. Are you sure the channel is #orangesd? I'm not finding it.
  11. Yes, sorry, it is the sdcard. Have you got an SD card you can put in? We may also need to recreate /sbin/PartitionDisk.sh on the card.
  12. What does fastboot devices return? Or does it just say waiting for device? If so, try setting the vid and pid in the flasher to what you found using the method I posted above. Win key + R -> devmgmt.msc, find the phone there. Once you have found it right click on it and go to properties. Go to details and from the dropdown select Hardware IDs. There should be a VID and PID listed. That's what you need. If you let me teamviewer in tomorrow it might be a bit easier.
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