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  1. Side note the new digitizer had a fully transparent proximity sensor hole while the old one had a blue tint to it I doubt it matters but it is worth mentioning
  2. Hi a week or so back my aunt dropped her phone and upon doing so cracked the screen in the top left area. So I ordered a replacement digitizer and fitted it myself but while I was at it I decided that as the warranty was gone at this point I may as well replace the stock firmware (I think it is B195, she received very little updates since she bought it from Carphone Warehouse in April or so last year) with that of CM11. So unlocked the bootloader using the official method, flashed the recovery and installed cm11, however now whenever my aunt performs or receives a call her screen instantly goes black even though she hasn't yet put it to her ear. Now I instantly ruled it down to hardware related however she thinks that it was definitely working before I replaced the digitizer So I flashed the stock b199 .zip found in the development section (here) and found that like cm11 the screen would go dark so is this hardware related like I originally thought or does the official software version matter and I should have updated to the latest official OTA before unlocking the bootloader and installing the custom firmware
  3. It really isn't as bad as that, sure it will go down every now and again but the savings you get with giffgaff over competing networks is worth it (especially the £5 you get from referrals)
  4. I am not Tilal but here's a good sign http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6216/6284963526_63aa290881_z.jpg Bad pun?
  5. Google has announced that it is still jelly bean so I suspect Key Lime Pie will be 5.0
  6. I am going to tesco today, how likely is it that they have fixed this issue (as Im not going to be spending £30) and I assume this issue is happening in all tesco shops
  7. Hello I installed Beta 2.2 (didnt wipe) and its stuck on the boot animation, if it helps here is a logcat. Hopefully this issue can be solved and we can upgrade to a new version without wiping everytime logcat.txt
  8. When its ready? Rule #1: NEVER ask for ETA's Just stick with the current version that is on here and wait, besides you're not missing much, ive tried 6.7.1 and barely anything has changed or improved
  9. Well done, out of curiosity how is it, is it faster than ics or isnt it that noticeable I would ask for a deadline of when you're releasing it but ive learnt that its best to just wait it out Oh and are you going to keep the same name as X = 10 and it is cm10 so it all makes sense
  10. My advice is going to be the same advice that I give everyone who has problems with their existing network and that is to switch to giffgaff, its not going to get you the £20 but a £10 goodybag will give you unlimited internet which will save you a bit of money in the long term (because your not going to get hit with those massive charges)
  11. Google just (25 minutes ago) released the source code for JB :D https://groups.googl...ing/XBYeD-bhk1o
  12. Sorry completely forgot that I opened this thread, even though voice don't work you can still type in your question e.g what is the weather Though you probably tested it out and know that by now
  13. Hi I was roaming xda and found this thread where they have managed to get google now working on ICS Just tested it on burtslams AOKP and everything works except voice search (which everyone is having problems with) http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1749045 If you dunno what Google Now is....WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN in the last week
  14. Hi scanno, so far every update has broken the home button and apps stop working and requires me to wipe and start afresh What is going on? Is this issue just with my tablet or is a wipe after every update mandatory
  15. Hi I recently upgraded my brother's phone from Atomicmod to this but the problem is that the proximity sensor has stopped working (The screen stays on during a call) So far ive tried calibrating it under the device settings, editing it manually and restoring it to detault and still nothing Also tried rebooting and still no change
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