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  1. Forget about it, this file only lists apn configurations for a bunch of networks... I'm in the same boat, TMN is shown as "telecomunicacoes moveis nacionais", wtf? Editing eri.xml file and using apps don't work either...
  2. I'd like link and instructions too please B) That video made water in my mouth
  3. Care to share a download link? :rolleyes::D
  4. I'm using calibri, and that works great. Just a suggestion :rolleyes:
  5. Sorry, but there's no free way to do that atm, and believe, I've searched. But there are multiple sites that you can but it. Also, your network might give it or sell it to you, depending on your country.
  6. Wow, I'll test this. I thought Lg used droid sans like other androids :rolleyes: Will report soon. EDIT: I works!!! You are my hero :huh: Here's ubuntu font family with file names fixed. Just use root explorer to place ttfs in /system/fonts, overwriting the existing fonts. Reboot I also fixed permissions with root explorer, just in case. Here's what it looks like: Also, great site with fonts and screenshots: http://fachadick.wordpress.com/ ubuntu_font_family.rar
  7. If data connections are correctly turned of, then the problem isn't with the phone. To be sure, install Quick Settings (http://www.appbrain.com/app/quick-settings/com.bwx.bequick) and go to the option to deactivate APN's. you will see some warning, read it and turn it off, this way I assure you not a single byte is transmited again :rolleyes: But I really suggest you have an unlimited data plan to enjoy all of your android best features.
  8. I've been trying for several days to change system fonts to the ubuntu font, and every tutorial I've come across doesn't work with my rooted GT540. Has anybody managed to do that? I tried using both update.zip methods and by means of applications... no luck with both methods.
  9. Thank you so much. Unfortunately the phone doesn't let me install... oh well. Thanks anyway!!
  10. I have that too. Only when dropping from 100% it appears 99% and so on, then only 80, 70, 60, 50.... then less than 10% it shows up as 9, 8% 7%... I think it's by design
  11. I've just used fastgsm.com, they delivered the code in 5hrs, and it worked! It's around 19€. Not bad, my operator asked for 40€ (TMN, Portugal)
  12. Yes, removing fixes it, but living without app2sd is just shitty with our low memory capacity phone :D I have 14 apps and already only 12mb available.
  13. People who aren't getting force closings with app2sd, please post: App used to partition SD card (I used both gparted and minitool partition wizard) Sd card capacity and brand (I've used a 2GB kingston and a Sandisk 4GB) Partition scheme (I've used fat32 - ext2; fat - ext2; fat32 - ext3; fat-ext2, and all combinations with a swap area, and I've tried with different partition sizes) Rom (I've used 2.1 baltic and 2.1 greek, with fresh installs (hard resets and all that)) Tutorial used (I've used all of them :S) Any other info you consider relevant. I'de be very much grateful, maybe I can finally see if I'm doing something wrong.
  14. I've tried ext2 and ext3, errors in both. I gave up :P
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