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  1. Wonder if that's the difference then. I picked mine up in store rather than via post - wonder if they're sending them out "blocked" until they get a call that the right person has received it and then unblock the handset? Anyone else received theirs by post/in store who could back this theory up?
  2. Yup- my Orange contract SIM is running quite happily in my SF. I even told them in the shop that the PAYG SIM wouldn't be going in the phone, so she simply didn't even pop the SIM out of it's holder - there was no mention of needing to activate anything or whatever. Just plug in and play! :lol:
  3. You're looking to remove: glu_zte_blade_ghero5_de_en_es_fr_it_1_0_1_full-wrapped.apk glu_zte_blade_wwtbam5_de_en_es_fr_it_1_0_1_full-wrapped.apk for Guitar Hero and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire respectively. so the instructions in CMD (after you've used cd to get to the folder with ADB in it) are: adb remount adb shell rm /system/app/glu_zte_blade_ghero5_de_en_es_fr_it_1_0_1_full-wrapped.apk adb shell rm /system/app/glu_zte_blade_wwtbam5_de_en_es_fr_it_1_0_1_full-wrapped.apk Thanks jsplace, your instructions worked perfectly.
  4. Had that same problem the other day. Couldn't find a way of doing it in HTC Album (even resorted to reading the Help files!!!), so in the end opening it in the MS standard "Pictures & Videos" and using the Rotate option in there. Odd "improvement" to HTC Album though, I agree!
  5. Glad I ordered one last night too! Interesting that they've now taken the phone only off UK Expansys completely now (only phone plus extra battery available for £100), but their links from the redundant page go to: eXpansys Cyprus (HTC Qtek 8500 Windows Phone (UK, Pink)) €41.96 eXpansys Ireland (HTC Qtek 8500 Windows Phone (UK, Pink)) €79.94 eXpansys Malta (HTC Qtek 8500 Windows Phone (UK, Pink)) €41.96 What did UK and Ireland do to annoy Expansys?!? Own up - who's been calling Expansys names and taking their toys away? :D
  6. When you forward an e-mail in the Outlook profile, the phone will hold onto it until you next synch with your PC, when it'll pass it onto the computer and then Outlook on your PC will send it. It was designed as a way to deal with your e-mails when you're out of the office and then send them easily when you get back. If you've got your phone set up to sync it's mail with an exchange server wirelessly then that's a completely different story! :)
  7. I think that's how the Hermes normally runs bluetooth stereo - by pumping the same audio feed into both ears! To fix this, use a Registry Editor to alter: HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Bluetooth / A2DP / Settings / UseJointStereo from 1 to 0 This has the effect of "forcing" the phone to do proper stereo. At least it worked on mine with my iTech S35 clip! Thank you XDA Developers for that tweak!
  8. Don't know about a fix, but a workaround is to use File Explorer to change the extension from .php to .cab (or whatever). Has worked fine the few times I've tried it. Just thought, I use Resco File Explorer so don't shout if the OE File Explorer won't let you see and change the extension! :-)
  9. Not a clue if it works, but it hasn't crashed my Vario 2 in the 48hrs I've had this regsitry setting installed: http://www.pocketpctweaks.com/pocketpc_twe...ivate_edge_icon I had to add the registry entry in (it wasn't a case of just changing an existing one) but might be what you're after? Let us know for the sake of anyone else looking for this another time. Thanks!
  10. LOL :) Now, now - that's just mean! Didn't the good book tell us not to mean to dumb animals (like Nokia owners)? Or was it Johnny Morris? Always have got those two mixed up!
  11. I keep all the music on my phone in WMA format (64kbps) as it sounds as good as MP3 for smaller filesize (audiophiles, don't argue - sounds as good to me!). Every time I play music at work or out, out come the Sony Ericssons, Nokias and Samsungs and everyone asks "can you send that over?". I'm getting sick of explaining their dumbphones couldn't handle WMA and so was wondering if anyone knows of any PPC software to handle conversion when I'm out and about? Basically, I'm after something like the PC app "Switch" but for mobile. :)
  12. How on earth have we had two replies and nobody has mentioned WORMS yet?!? Do you people have no souls?!?!?! Ahem..... I think that translates as "Worms can be quite a pleasant way to pass the time" :)
  13. If they're operator installed programs, such as your O2 ones, they were installed from the Extended ROM when the device was first switched on. The only way to get rid of them is to do a full Hard Reset (say goodbye to all your info!) and soft reset during the three seconds when the screen says "The device will install programs in 3....2.....1" or something like that. You'll then need to go into File Explorer and manually install all the CAB's in the Extended ROM that you need and don't install the ones you don't want. XDA-Developers is generally a good place to find a list of the files in the Extended ROM and what they actually do so you know which you need and which you can ignore. Sorry, not a small fix, more a setting up from scratch kind of method! :)
  14. Hi guys. I'm looking at buying am iTech S35 clip for Christmas to use with my Vario 2 (HTC Hermes for those of you from out of town!). I know it doesn't have play, forward, rewind buttons like it's R35 brother but it's also cheaper. My question is does anyone out there have an S35 clip and Voice Command 1.6 - and if so do they play together nicely? If you press the button on the clip, does it fire up VC and hence enable you to play, pause, next track, etc? If this clip does support VoiceCommand then my prayers are answered and this will be the perfect thing for me! Remind me to get a life after re-reading that last comment.... :) Thanks.
  15. OK, apologies for asking the dumb question that you would already have thought of! Now I've got the disclaimer out of the way :rolleyes: Every few days my Media Player seems to change from displaying the songs on the Storage Card to only showing those on the phone. Don't know why, it just does! To fix it, you just have to go onto the Library screen, click Menu,Library,Storage Card. Still a pain in the backside though. :( Assuming yours isn't suffering from the same problem as mine, don't know - good luck!
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