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  1. I just installed and tested Energy.OMNIA.21681.Sense2.5.Cookie.sencity.Oct.15 on my OMNIA II EXCELLENT, what a prof! It's all working
  2. Yes it does. Maybe you should restart first to be sure nothing is in the way.
  3. SleepSense Tweakers De Telegraaf Resco Explorer SK Tools ArcSwitch
  4. Hi, I just finished this program and we need beta testers to get it all just right.... Info: SleepSense detects your movements during the night by using your phones acceleration sensors. It keeps track of all the different phases of your sleep cycles or biorhythms to ensure that you are gently woken up during a light sleep phase, rather than a deep one. SleepSense uses a 30 minute window before the Alarm time to attempt to wake you, at the optimal time, when you will feel rested and ready to start the day. See here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=6862648
  5. Using this with a internet connection eats away my battery.. Does anyone know how to disable weather updates? Somehow after restarting I received a message it couldn't start sysvar.mscr but I found out without it my battery worked better.
  6. Hi, In accDpadNotification: MissingMethodException Can not find assembly.. christec.windowsce.forms version 1.0.3805. etc. In the startmenu I have 4.. new options, which is the best to start? In AccDpadsetup the test area doesn't do anything? Is this correct? The sensor is active because I can see alpha, and beta values..
  7. string sUrl = "http://forum.xda-developers.com"; Process.Start(sUrl, "");
  8. Noway...this al depends on the version of lockscreen you have. See here. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...-need-for-s2u2/ They say I have the 6.1 screen but for me this is working excellent.
  9. Ok agree, it's a possibility although you have to click first below on unlock, then unlock in the middle. But ok. But why do people want clocks, appointments, etc. on it. The today screen shows it already. I modified the file LS_Global_480x800.cpr but that is NOT it..?
  10. LOL, I didn't know that. It looks bad but on the Omnia II it works exactly as needed. Why would people need a slidebar? Any link to a nicer version.
  11. I really don't know how it's called? This is locked and below is to unlock.. How to change this screen?
  12. Excellent man. Thx. The only problem I have is I already updated with this asus...cab and lost the nice icons. I will reinstall and see if it works.
  13. I had to renew my ROM on the Omnia II with the latest standard version 6.5.x from Samsung. It's faster and much better looking with gchris titanium... The lockscreen works different. If it locks, your today screen is still visible, and only if you unlock, a new screen is displayed with a button. Does anybody know how to modify this screen??? It's ok but during the day you almost can't see the button because the monitor is dimmed. Thx.
  14. Just did a reinstall of ROM + 1.3.1, really good work. In which file are the "upcoming" and "assigment" texts stored? :huh: :P
  15. Yes, mine is "saying thanks " now too. Does anyone have a link to a simular ROM??. This sucks man....
  16. Can I ask you to share the code used for the omnia II and omnia. The source for the omnia on codeplex look a bit out of date and doesn't work on my omniaII. I downloaded the SDK and the test program worked. Maybe you can help?
  17. It does work but it's a bit crowded on the screen. Is it possible to make this optional throught a registry setting? The only thing needed for this is a transparent png.
  18. 1. I think he was asking " how can I change the teXt "contacts" to, say... something entirely different?" 2. OffTopic: How did you create the cab? with Quickcab or WinCe CAB Manager.. 3. If I disable a plugin, (with chome editor) will the script also stop? 4. You new picture in the first post show the plugin "contact" with a line below it. Is this already in the 1.2.1. I extracted and compared all files from 1.1 and 1.2.1 but couldn't find where the difference is.
  19. Is this on the first post? or am I to quick. Who created the RAM plugin? Do you have a link because the RAM size is always wrong compare to system>settings>ram BTW. New look is better ;)
  20. or if it's just needed at certain times, search for "oldSAP_DontSleep_Wifi"
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