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  1. Wow, that performance tweak really does make a huge difference to the speed of the phone on wake up, thanks very much
  2. Ahhhhh OK, thanks for clearing this up, I see what this tweak does now, thanks for the feedback too, I am going to install this now :(
  3. I really want to install this performance tweak, just waiting to hear more feedback from people on how well it performs and if it affects the battery life
  4. Oooooo cheers for this, sounds good. Just checked out what it actually does though and you say that on waking the device the CPU speed will automatically be set to 528Mhz (Full speed), will this not apply a lot of strain to the processor with it always running at full whack?
  5. Well for me downloading and installing the enhanced package did absolutely nothing, the installation all went through fine but after rebooting there were no additional features on my phone, no sign that it had even been installed so I just downloaded Wavesecure from the Market and am now using that without any problems
  6. Well I managed to find the commands to move the Market cache and the Street Maps cache back to the internal memory, to do it you must enter the following commands into a terminal emulator on the phone itself: su (press enter) id (press enter) *It should ask you to allow access, allow it.* cd /data/data/com.android.vending rm -R cache mrdir cache cd /data/data/com.google.android.street rm -R cache mkdir cache
  7. Yea I used this utility on the 2.9 build and decided I wanted to move them back as I did actually notice a slow down with my Market browsing experience, was a massive paint in the neck trying to find the commands to move the cache back
  8. Ahhhh ok the, think it's just a myth that having a class 6 card will improve performance and how the hell do you have that much space left? lol. I've got 40 apps and only have 74mb left
  9. Strange, working perfectly fine here, did straight upgrade from 2.9 and haven't had a single problem in a day of using it
  10. No that;s not what I meant but anyway APPS2SD is already built into this ROM, you just need to make sure you partition your SD card correctly using the recovery menu and then all of your Apps will install themselves onto the SD card
  11. Take it, it wouldn't be a good idea to do this with my class 2 SD card? lol. Although I'm using APPS2SD and have never had any lagging or slow apps yet
  12. Sure enough, just removed a few unused apps and it freed up a lot of space, just noticed that the Google Voice Search widget is in this version too, I've been trying to find this for ages :D so happy with this latest update
  13. I seem to have lost about 6mb Internal memory but other than that the 3.0 update seems to have seriously sped my phone up, thanks Edit: Scratch that, I've just noticed that some of the default programs have been re-installed (Tweet, Teeter, Stocks) this will be what caused my memory to drop, great update anyway, thanks again
  14. Installed latest 1.9 update, not noticed any performance increase as of yet but no performance decrease either so that's always good
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