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  1. grcd

    Sony tablet S

    I will give this thread a bump and an update: The current bounty is now at $620! We hope that this will raise attention and interest in this tablet!
  2. This worked perfectly! Never thought it was so easy! Why have these long and complicated guides then, if all we need is to simply install RomManager?????
  3. Okay, I am at a loss here. I am not a very advanced android user, but I have in the past sucessfuly rooted/downgraded and flashed custom roms on other android phones. I recently bought a T-Mobile UK G2 Touch (HTC Hero), which, to the best of my knowledge, is a brand new unit. It runs 2.1 out of the box and has the following information: HERO CVT SHIP S-ON HBOOT-1.76.0007 (HERO10000) MICROP-010f TOUCH PANEL-SYN0104 RADIO- I was able to root the device, but I don't think it has actually helped any bit. I am not allowed to use 'flash_update' from the terminal (though I can push files) and if I try shell and su / adb root from a PC, I am given error messages or that there is no permission to do this. I tried flashrec to no avail (it downloads an image and then tells me it has no permission to do anything) I tried the Goldcard method and to my surprise, using either a generic HTC RUU or a previous T-Mobile UK RUU, the update fails. I tried to update the current ROM (T-Mob UK) to either 2.73.405.5 WWE or 273.110.26 T-Mob and both 'fail' and i am then restarted back to Android. I am at a complete loss. What could possibly be the reason here? The phone does work perfectly mind.
  4. Hello everybody, I just got a T-Mobile G2 / HTC Hero (I have the T-Mobile version), and it is right now running the stock UK T-Mobile 2.1 ROM which is actually pretty stable and fast (to my surprise). However, I am looking to replace it with a generic WWE HTC one (instead of T-Mobile) that has these features if possible: * OC allowed * A2SD / A2SD+ * minor speed / stability tweaks * Sense experience a must * other improvements incl trackball for SMS notifications Is there such a ROM out there? Basically I am asking for a minimally changed 2.1 ROM that is as close as possible to the stock experience, but with the added bonus of OC and A2SD/A2SD+ and any speed, memory or stability tweaks that users have discovered. I insist on Sense, I really love it and I don't want to go to Vanilla. Please help me out! PS: Also, is there a RUU available of the stock T-Mobile ROM in case I ever want to return it to factory condition? Here is what my phone was shipped with: 2.1-update1 2.6.29-5f74b252 3.31.11-.1 CL183682 release-keys WebKit 3.1
  5. grcd

    U8220 2.1 firmware partition sizes/layout

    TRE 2.1 /dev/block/mtdblock1 112640 103280 9360 92% /system /dev/block/mtdblock2 82176 22768 59408 28% /data /dev/block/mtdblock3 20480 1160 19320 6% /cache
  6. grcd

    ROM "deterioration" over time

    I can verify that this happens to me too.
  7. grcd

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    I think this topic has become far too long for people who are new to the whole CM6 updating thing to really understand what is going on. I have tried several times to update to CM6 and always had my phone stuck on the Android (text) logo. Eventually I managed to do it. Now, I am trying to figure out how to have OC at 710MHz, SetCPU, SWAP/EXT and A2SD. Can anyone help me with exact, precise and easy instructions to follow? Not all of us can just look through an entire 68 pages forum conversation and be able to extract the useful information without the problematic ones. (And yes, I did try to install an A2SD file from early on in the topic, but my phone couldn't do it, ended up having to re-install CM6.) EDIT: on terminal, if I type a2sd I get permission denied. I tried su but i still get the same result. What does it mean? I know the installation actually failed on the recovery menu.
  8. grcd

    Complete debranding possible?

    Are there any disadvantages to the Tre 2.1 firmware? I presume that I can then just go back up to CM6 0.3 and still keep the Huawei logo?
  9. grcd

    [THEME] Espresso MOD [07/10/2010]

    Does this run with CM6 0.3? If not, is there a version for it due?
  10. I am running FLB 1.7, and while the phone is completely debranded after booting up, there is still a T-Mobile logo when you first open the phone up (before Android logo shows up). Has there been a way found to completely debrand the phone, for example have it boot up as a normal U8220 (with a Huawei logo I presume) or something else similar?
  11. Is the touch-screen on our U8220/Pulse plastic or glass? It does feel like glass to me, but I am not sure... If it is glass, does that mean that it can't be scratched, or just that it scratches less frequently/harder?
  12. Due to being a loyal customer for two different carriers (contracts with Orange and T-Mobile), I was just recently offered free upgrades to both contracts from the two carriers. Orange offered me the HTC Desire and T-Mobile offered me Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Both handsets cost zero to me, and in fact, due to the low monthly charge, I get them for almost next to nothing. I have decided to keep one and sell the other. Which one would you keep and why?
  13. grcd

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    So, can anyone respond to these two questions? 1) Is there a next version of the port coming soon, or is 0.30 the version to get? 2) How does CM6 0.30 compare to FLB 1.7 in terms of speed for the average user?
  14. I received a used handset from ebay (for a fantastic price!) and it has an outdated version of Galaxo ROM on it. I want to return to the latest official Samsung ROM (whichever that is), so that i can then do some comparison benchmarks before moving to the latest GAOSP. Can anyone help me with a couple of questions? 1) How to return to a stock ROM from Galaxo ROM? 2) Where can I obtain the latest ROM and which is it? Intended use is in UK. 3) Does anyone have any idea about when the next GAOSP Beta will be? Thanks a lot in advance!
  15. grcd

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    Can any developer inform us about the status of the port? Is there a website on google.code or elsewhere about the project's whereabouts? When shall we expect the next download/release (0.40 presumably)?

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