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  1. Paul, Thanks for looking into it. I have tried downloading the rom again, wiping then flashing and I have tried installing rom manager and using the 'fix permissions' tool to no avail - can you think of anything else worth trying? I tried an Android_Revolution rom that that worked as intended but I want modaco coz it is better :-) Cheers Iain
  2. Hi Paul, Since installing R3, I can't change my alarm tone in the default HTC clock. I can select the alarm, click on the alarm sound and it then gives me a choice of locations for the new sound I want to use (Alarm sounds, Ringtones or Music) when I choose one of those options , I get com.htc.android.worldclock has stopped unexpectedly. When I look at the stack trace I get: android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: Unable to find explicit activity class{com.htc.sdm/ com.htc.sdm.activity.SoundPicker}; have you declared this activity in your AndroidManifest.xml? Is it just me? Cheers Iain
  3. Hi folks, I applied a theme to my desire (running leedroid 2.3d at the moment, but had same issue in MCr R10) which changed the smileys in my text messages. Now I know the images for the smileys are stored in framework-res.apk so I tried to change the smileys as follows: extracted fraemwork-res.apk from the ROM and saved it on my desktop as framework-old.apk, using adb, I pulled the current framework-res.apk from my phone and saved it on my desktop. I then opened both apks in winrar and copied the smileys from the old apk into the new one (over-writing the existing smileys). Closed winrar and tried to push the modified framework back onto my device in recovery. This gave me FCs in Sense which kept looping. I rebooted back into recovery and flashed the theme again, still thesame problem so I had to recover from a nandroid backup.. Any idea why this isn't working for me? Searching on google seems to suggest that this should work..... Cheers Iain
  4. Try going into titaniumbackup, find MyPedometer in the list of apps, long press on it and you will get an option to detach from Market. You should then uninstall the app before deleting the backed up file in Titanium Market. If the app is uninstalled but still showing in the market, go into Settings -- Applications -- Market and clear cache. Reboot and try again :-) HTH Iain
  5. Hi folks, A bit of a problem here as I can't get into recovery... I have downloaded amon_ra R5.1 and renamed it to amon.img I rebooted the phone while holding volume down, then chose fastboot from the options there. So far, so good, plug USB cable into phone and the phone recognises it.... at command prompt I typed 'fastboot flash recovery amon.img' - this gave an error - no such command... adb devices shows no device attached - where am I going wrong? Iain ps. adb works fine when the phone has booted up normally edit: never mind - I am an idiot - when I rooted the phone I had a folder on my PC with various batch files and adb, I was just in the wrong folder.... DOH!
  6. Quick question - does nandroid back-up HBOOT as well? I'm thinking about patching HBOOT as shown here then restoring everything through nandroid - will this overwrite the patched HBOOT? Iain
  7. Hi folks, I used to have a similar problem, but only if I used the the option to sync my contacts with facebook. Once I removed my facebook account (Menu, Settings, accounts & sync) everything went back to normal... I now use SyncMyPix to sync profile pics from facebook with my contacts on the phone. I recall seeing a thread in the HTC support forums at the time (April) to say that they were aware of the problem but have no idea if there was ever a fix for it.... Iain
  8. Tebo2K

    BBC News

    I just use www.bbc.co.uk/mobile and I have it customised to show me the news that I want to see - it works for me :D Iain
  9. the .android_secure folder is used by the built in A2SD function in Froyo... If you use Froyo to move apps to your SD card, that is where they are stored - I wouldn't touch it if I were you... :(
  10. Hi folks, Couldn't find anything on this in the forum, if I have missed something please accpet my apologies and point me in the direction of the relevant thread... :( Using MCR r6, I can download new apps from the market and they install fine, however I am having problems updating existing apps. The market will download the update, but sometimes it stops there, the update isn't installed.. I've tried restarting the phone and clearing the market cache and this has sometimes worked, but for the last couple of days it hasn't worked at all.. I have App2SD+ from the kitchen - could this be the problem? Any help very much appreciated Best Regards Iain
  11. Hi folks, Does anyone know where the contact list is stored on the phone? (I'm using modaco 3.1 and the HTC contact list). I'm thinking that, if I can find it, maybe I can add it to my zip file when cooking a ROM in the online kitchen, hence saving me having to import the contact list each time I have to reinstall the ROM... Many Thanks Iain
  12. Make sure you use adb mount /system before you try to delete anything, recovery doesn't mount the /system partition unless you tell it to..
  13. Hi folks, The only reason that I haven't downloaded a Froyo ROM is that I like Sense UI... I once tried aHome and I didn't like it as it kept crashing... can you fine people recommend a replacement for Sense? I currently use all 7 screens (ok, I could cut it down to 5 without losing any of the functionality that I like..) I like the clock widget with the weather / world clock / alarm bundled with it - would I still be able to use that without Sense or can someone point me in the direction of another widget that will do the same thing? I would lke to try the Froyo releases that are out just now, but I can't find a replacement UI then I'll just wait for HTC to work their magic ;) Many thanks for your advice Iain
  14. Worked perfectly for me, thanks :rolleyes: Iain
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