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  1. I'm struggling to find anywhere that's in stock at £80. Does anyone know a place? Or when it will be back in stock? Thanks
  2. I figured out the problem. It's my headphones, for some strange reason the sound goes strange with the specific combination of my headphones (soundmagic) and OMC. Which sucks as I'm starting to like the phone but it's going to have to go back.
  3. Hi, Just got the OMC, all very nice and lovely. Apart from the headphone socket. I downloaded grooveshark and listened to some music via my headphones (decent pair). It sounds awful - as if your stuck in a steel factory. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as my iTouch but this is just awful. I also tried youtube and got similar results. Now the key question: do those of you that have put a custom rom on your phone experienced better quality music when listening via headphones? I'm trying to figure out if rooting the device and changing roms is worth my time - otherwise this device is headed straight back into the shops. TL;DR: What is the quality of the music/sound that comes out of your OMC when listening via headphones? Is it awful like mine?
  4. Did you ever try the x-sim with a three sim? If so could you get it to work?
  5. Okay, so I have done this. Thanks. But this has brought internal phone storage up to about 21mb - I started off with about 40mb if I remember correctly? Where have these 20mb gone? Is it normal?
  6. Hi. I installed the latest Cyanogen Mod. My SD card is formatted properly. I have done A2SD check and all seems to be fine. Yet my internal phone storage seems to be gradually dropping. It is down to about 8mb. I thought the apps I had installed where being installed internally for some reason. So I tested it be rebooting the phone without the SD card. The apps where no longer there, hence disproving my thesis. The apps are being installed on the SD card, but the internal memory is falling. Has anyone got any remedial solutions/ does anyone else have this problem?
  7. Just helped me out! How did you find the solution? Is there a list of a2sd commands and what they do somewhere?
  8. What are the causes of the active community for the pulse? This is the second biggest subforum after the HTC Hero. We are even larger than the HTC desire subforum, when compared by total number of topics.
  9. Guys is there a guide to using apps2sd, have looked everywhere to no avail.
  10. garagemc


    Hi guys Is there a guide to using apps2sd? I ask because I have it installed and have done the transfer things the bootloader. However, the space free on my phone still has not gone down. Does this mean I have to delete the apps on my phone manually once I have moved them to my SD card?
  11. I have installed this, however, how do I get root access so to can use barnacle?
  12. Just wanted to drop my thanks yous.
  13. The difference is sublime, has made my pulse soooo much better!
  14. Guys, Was wondering if you could help me. Got my phone unlocked, threw a three sim card in there, changed the apn settings accordingly. However, the phone never goes onto 3g, I know I'm in a 3g area. Whenever, I click prefer umts, the phone just gets rid of its signal - so this is not an option. Anyone why this is happening? It is quite annoying! Any help is much appreciated. Merry xmas.
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