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  1. Not true! He can use a lot of ROMs without updating a radio. There is no any special need doing this except some personal preferences. So, for the topic: This is a common problem when you come straight to 3.2ROM. Put 3.1 and then update 3.2 over it. This should help.
  2. It's near actually - Cortex has more cache and can manage more operations per MHz. Let's put aside the fact that GPU of Milestone is way better than this included in Nexus and Desire. I've never seen more smooth gameplay, maybe on Iphone only Because Hero is outdated, because there is completely "WTF" said to the users from HTC, because the phone reached its limits, because it has slow CPU, GPU and low screen resolution, because it hasn't proximity sensor and flashlight, because it hasn't FM radio, because 50% and more from the users get their phone with dead pixels on the screen and like me when I had Hero- have to live with that (425EUR for screen with 6-10 dead pixels??? c'mon!) . I can keep this way hours more but do think you can figure it out what I mean.
  3. You might wanna upgrade yours- Cortex A8 has nothing similar with Qualcom - on the same speed it's almost 1,5 times faster- whats the matter that they are operating in similar clock speed? Which is better- Pentium IV on 3.2Ghz or Core 2 Duo on 3.2GHz? Or maybe they operate similar , because are on the same clock speed from your point of view? There are many other things making one CPU better that another- Cache, FPU, operations per second, architecture and much more! So don't rush with the critic..
  4. Same here, I just realized how damn good 3.2b5 is too...
  5. miragebg

    WCDMA or GSM?

    I found the test menu of my Hero and I had successfully turned on into WCDMA mode. My question is- how much battery drain I should expect with this move? Is that going to be significantly? Thanks in advance!
  6. I've tried couple of them before, but have never had this problems. Just stucked on 8.29, because with the newest one for Eclair 2.1 had several problems with the outgoing calls..
  7. Hello! My Hero suddenly started to loose it's 3G. After wake up it's ok for a couple of minutes, then this "E" icon next to the signal just disappear! After some seconds it appears again, and that constant cycle drives me crazy;((( I've never had this kind of problem before! It worked flawlessly till now! I am using MoDaCo 3.2 beta5 and did a couple of times Nandroid restore if that's matter. Any help will be highly appreciated!
  8. Hello guys! I found that my touch is not very sensitive near to the edges, comperable with the middle part while I am writing. For example when I push "g" key very gently it reacts immediately, but once I touch "back" or "l" key with same presure- it don't react every time. What do u think?
  9. Thank you, guys! This is a beautiful forum!
  10. Hello! I decided to remove Ap2Sd and formatted my sd card to one FAT32 partition. Now when I try to wipe dalvik cache I get this error. The Recovery is Amon RA 1.52.
  11. Help me! After I did wipe and instaled clean MoDaCo 3.2b5 I lost my 3G connection even my access points are correct! How to resolve this problem?
  12. Help guys, I am using Modaco 3.2b5 and when I try to go into "manage applications" it just sticks showing "loading..." and nothing happens..what to do?
  13. now when I am using Modaco 3.2b5 without compcache, do I need activate my swap partition on the sd card using this program- swapdroid? Is there any benefits doing this?
  14. My question is after cooking custom rom without compcache , do I need to use activate my swap partition on the card, using swapdroid program in the market? If I do this- will be dangerous for my sd card?
  15. thank you very much!!!! And what to do if I want re enable it?
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