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  1. Probably, you are using Astro - it does not have feature to view /data and /system You must use any file explorer with root: - SU FBS - Root Explorer - Estrongs File Explorer
  2. HTC will make OTA update with Android 2.1 to prevent early leaks. What's about Acer?
  3. I have same forceclose. Even i've created license.txt and put into TB data-folder - same forceclose. I've tested some versions - 2.9.2 and lower versions works.
  4. It's for checking special sum for package. Some files on some systems can be downloaded continiously, but not full. If you flash them, you will get errors. Comparing sum from original post and sum of your downloaded file, you get result - full file or not.
  5. I investigated the problem and solved it partially. According info from your link, i tried copy su-binary (from Modaco Custom Rom for Tattoo) to /system/bin/su and execute chmod 4577 /system/bin/su after restart everything worked fine... Superuser permissions shows requests and TB shows full list of applications I notice only, that su-binary from Modaco is about 34 kb, but su-binary from guide of getting root is about 80-85 kb. I think, bigger su-binary needed to execute "flash_image" command. But it's another story... =) Thank you very much, your app works great)
  6. Hi again) Keramidas, as i understood, TB will not work if Superuser Permissions doesn't work properly? I have HTC Tattoo with rooted boot.img (contain su; system and data are read-write) I manually add Superuser.apk to /system/app/ . It is in app list and can be executed. I tried AdFree. It works, but did not show request to Superuser Permissions TB did not show request too. I downloaded and installed busybox through TB. When i execute TB now, i receive: "Busybox works but the "su" command does not elevate to root: "whoami" reports "whoami: unknown uid 10060" instead of uid 0. I think your "Superuser Whitelist" system app does not work/ Please check with your ROM provider." How to fix Superuser? May be i need some run chown, chmod commands?
  7. You don't have modified recovery. Only custom recovery can prevent checking signed keys. miloslukic wrote about it
  8. Hi again) Device: Acer Liquid ROM: Evil 1.7.1b (Android 2.1) App: Titanium Backup 2.9.2 Problem: I backuped item "WI-FI Access Points". After installing new ROM tried to restore wifi settings. Got original wpa.conf (without settings, but with user-manual inside) I notice, that custom wpa.conf is in folder /data/misc/wifi/ It is about 200-300 bytes, but after restore got original wpa.conf about 26-28 kbytes May be reason is in difference? When TB tried to backup/restore wifi points, it tried to backup/restore wpa_supplicant.conf HTC-devices using wpa_supplicant.conf But Acer using wpa.conf
  9. Keramidas. I have one wish. Probably, it will be difficult for you, but i will review it... There are some new ROMs on Android 2.1 for HTC Hero/Magic users (especially leaked from Droid Eris) Google or HTC (doesn't matter) changed structure of DBs for contacts, logs, sms/mms, so Titanium Backup will not work when we try restore old 1.5 contacts/call log/sms/mms databases from backup after we have flashed new 2.1 ROM. I know, what your app copy only files. But, can you involve in structure and map old and new fields in tables for properly migrating?
  10. We have this binary already))) http://android.modaco.com/content/acer-liq...00-13-aap-gen2/
  11. Please reupload to megaupload. Rapidshare told that limit 10 downloads has been reached.
  12. Installed successfully, but have some problems with apps Update of Google Maps to 4.0.0 did not installed from market Manual install of "Layar reality browser" didn't complete with reason [iNSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_FEATURE]. I think this reason in Google Maps too. Search "barcode" received 38 items. But there is not "barcode scanner" in this list. Some popular apps are missing
  13. Anyone have problems with WiFi? Turn WiFi on, use it, then turn off. After that - can not turn on anyway... There is one solution: chmod 777 /data/misc/wifi/wpa.conf Then i can turn wifi on again. But it's temporary. Weird... Is it my fault or bug in ROM?
  14. I faced with same problem. But solved it: - I used Acer Tool and flash old 1.008 stock ROM (i didn't remember 1.008 or other 1.00X) - Then i flashed 2.000.3 - Then i flashed 2.000.5 - And next flashed 2.000.16 (after first steps it flashed successfully) - Then i flashed maxsima modded ROM I think - you can play with ROMs and skip 1 or 2 steps.
  15. Thank you for new version - very usefull app. Please, post change log to your page: http://membres.multimania.fr/numlock79/android/ It will be good thing)
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