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    I-Mate SP5/XDA Mini S
  1. iainmann

    Vodafone Smart V8 (VDF 710) - Root / Custom ROMs

    It's a fast phone, and well worth £150. Screen is good...almost looks AMOLED, but not as good as the SU6...and battery is not bad. I've only had the phone a couple of days, but beware, I got an OTA update and it's scrapped double-tap to wake. The setting in Display has disappeared. Pity, it worked well and didn't seem to cause problems.
  2. iainmann

    S710 rubber case surface film lifting

    Just examined mine...and nothing like that happening here.
  3. It's working fine with my S710
  4. I've got an S710...and no problem like that.
  5. This is already a very very useful addition to a smartphone. I'm looking forward to development. And it's good to see someone working so hard AND pledging to keep it free.
  6. iainmann

    TotW: Live Search to Google

    Thanks Paul. Nice one!
  7. iainmann

    WiFi beep on HTC S710

    Anyone know how to get rid of the WiFi automatic connection/disconnection beep? And if anyone is still thinking about getting this phone...do it...it's superb.
  8. iainmann

    Paul's HTC S710 de-Brand Pack

    You're a star Paul. Great debrand. My new S710 looks much better.
  9. I've sim unlocked my lobster and using Voda. I put my virgin sim back in to download the TV licences but just keep getting a "check your connection settings" message. I put GPRS settings back to Virgin GPRS, but get the same message. Can anyone help?
  10. iainmann

    SPV C600

    I have the Voda Contract settings cab. Message me your email address and I'll send it to you with pleasure
  11. I've got a .cab to set up O2 settings..GPRS MMS etc..on an I-Mate SP5. It should work for you. Message me with your email address and I'll send it to you.
  12. This is what I did. First you should contact tech support at IMate [email protected] Explain your problem and that it's under guarantee and they should organise for your phone to be collected by a company called SBE Ltd who carry out repairs for them in the UK www.sbe-ltd.co.uk
  13. I'm left-handed and it is difficult to scroll using the stylus. Anyone know of an application to switch it over?
  14. iainmann

    Testing imates warranty in the UK

    You should be able to track your repair on their website www.sbe-ltd.co.uk but didn't work for me!

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