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  1. Device Name Samsung Omnia2 i8000 Operating System Version Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type Custom ROM ultralite
  2. bro i think iphone are really good toys and very fun to have one, android will be better quickly as newborn os. i think google will be the biggest opponent to MS. maybe i will give a chance to android 1,5 or 2 years. and the last but not the least ppc are oldest and more professional than others. and damn we love unstable codes thats what microsoft make us getting used to it since the first windows for desktop they coded. sorry for bad english.
  3. yeah i think you might right. i use original csc and phone which are i8000turik3/ i8000xxık3 and pda rodrigofd's ultra lite ik5 part. removing battery for 2-3 sec. is always successful for me. uninstalling sktoolls doesnt change anyrhing at all for me. i hope to find a solution soon. sometimes it gets embrassing to remove battery in front of friends. o2 deserves better ;)
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