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  1. I'm in the same situation. Surely someone must know how to do this?
  2. my battery indicator still lies on r1. Icon is at half full but I only have 20 percent. Infact it seems worse than before.... Any suggestions?
  3. As the title says, could someone upload the 1.5 downgrade file as huawei's site isnt working.
  4. Im getting this problem as well. Also power saving mode doesn't appear to be working anymore. The screen looks the same with it on and off.
  5. After updating to beta 2 swype isn't working. The keyboard comes up,the device vibrates twice and then the keyboard disappears.
  6. just installed along with the custom kernel and am very impressed with the speed increase, however i have noticed something odd, the blue border in the email app , browser and the blue background on pop up windows is a different blue to before, it looks sort of washed out , this is also true of the green brightness adjustment bar in the notifications window. anybody else getting this, does the rom have a different theme to the defualt uk version, or do i just need to change the saturation settings?
  7. just came off the phone with pc world, who told me that the order i placed on saturday wont be arriving as they are out of stock, however he also said that they are getting new stock in towards the end of the week. Unfortanatley i cant just keep my ol order and get one of those as im moving house and apparantly they cant change the shipping adress which is just ridiculous..ARRR!.. Anyway just thought some of you might be interested to know...
  8. YES! i thought i was the only one. the only solution ive been able to find is to kill all the tasks, then go to homescreen, and hold down the home button. that usualy keeps it quite untill i open up an app again. weird...
  9. im not using the beta myself but i can confirm that im getting the same issue on 1.7. i wouldnt mind if the normal dialer looked like this too, as i actualy quite like the tmobile dialer, but it seems odd having one style for the normal dialer and another for the incall dialer. weird.....
  10. ive got a couple of questions about this rom: 1) after installing this has anyone else noticed a strange hissing noise coming from the a speaker when not on the home screen I get it in most applications and it usualy goes away once I return to the homescreen. 2) when in a phone call, if I bring up the dialer, its the dialer from the stock rom, not the default android one. Is this a bug and more importantly can I use this as my main dialer as I hate the default android one! Oh and sorry if my spelling is appauling I'm typing this from my pulse
  11. yes, updating from the december update should restore you back to the stock rom. although i cant imagine why youd want that!
  12. as i just said: download es file explorer from the market, use the root mode in seetings, and then navigate to data/dropbear and delete the passwd file. then rebbot your phone and the message should be gone. this will fix the problem, paul posted this solution himself just here: http://android.modaco.com/index.php?act=Se...ite=%2Bdropbear quote 'Delete /data/dropbear/passwd, reboot and the problem will be resolved. :) P' it realy is quite easy to fix, ittl take you 5 minutes tops, much betetr than wiping and reinstalling!
  13. you dont have to no, although doing so will probably make the rom a little fatser. also when upgrading from 1.2 titanium backup doesnt show up in the launcher and you have to download it manualy from the market.
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