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  1. hihi :P After a reset all work like expected :D But this came after some time... Thanks for your good works ! :)
  2. Hi ! Thanks again for the great ROM ! I use the Cookie2 clean version. I've trouble with the lost of menu after some time in all my soft. Even you click "menu" in the soft(no matter the soft) nothing appear. I lost the lock bar too...not visible but there. Thanks !
  3. I confirm that this version of WinDroid is more bugged (crash and other strange thing happen)! I will change for Cookie version to see if it's better. Thanks for your good work !! Very Great ROMs !!
  4. For me: - Keep HTC Messaging has the default messaging. - Add quickmenu to free some memory. Maybe an utility to revert back to mainmenu and vice-versa. - Maybe changing the compression to make Sense loading faster ? Thanks for your good work !
  5. Question of taste... I prefer the HTC Messaging ! It's integrated with the rest of Sence..not the Samsung one. I don't feel it too slow. Very impressive ROMs ! Thanks again ! :)
  6. Hi ! Very great ROMs ! On mine (Windroid), after some time of use, memory drop to about 25-30meg. I think a solution like replacing Start menu with QuickMenu is the solution to save aprox. 20Meg. more ! An option to switch from Original start menu to Quick menu and vise versa would be great in the options ! Also, how I can desactivate the weather animation in the home tab with cookie 2 ? So this is great releases ! Good works ! :lol: Thanks !
  7. Hi ! Sorry for my ignorance....but why the chef don't want this ? The rom is not free ? Is not the more we use it, the more chef like that ? Personally, if I make a free software, I want as many people as possible to use it ! :) I don't want to start anything....just tell me what is wrong with that ? Thanks for your good works to all chefs !! ;)
  8. Hi ! Thanks for your good works ! I use the sense one... But do you plan to reduce the memory footprint ? Like replacing the main menu with ex.: quickmenu ? (like in the NRGZ28 rom). It's supposed to save ~20meg ! Thanks ! :D
  9. Hi ! Great works ! I have one question: How I can change the bottom SMS link in the panel to SMS-Chat(or other sms client) to replace to default WM SMS ? Thanks !
  10. Ok, I'm not sure if this is the good thing...On your jmlpanel, at the bottom, we can see email, sms, call...I want to change the SMS link of this. If this script to the job, where I put this script ? Thanks !
  11. Hi ! ...someone I've found a solution for the Samsung apps that close randomly for nothing ?? I have this trouble for Touch player, Touch Clock.. Also, the sms sound, email sound don't play to the end. It start but not finish to play ?? Thanks !
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