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  1. tried it on my nexus 10 and it failed to launch just a black screen ....had to remove and reboot ...but now working ok
  2. I'm currenty paying £12 a month on a rolling 1 month contract for all you can eat data on Three
  3. got mine about a month after release and it is flawless ..and i have read reviews of people getting badly made ones so i have checked mine over and over and really close up and can have no complaints. Hope you get a decent one
  4. did you do your review yet..?
  5. any news on your review ....or did i miss it ,..?
  6. p.s Asda doing a deal with a htc media link and the official case for £499 seems like a good deal ...i'll flog the media link on ebay for £40 ish
  7. ok gonna order mine now ...if you had to choose Paul ...Black or Silver ..! i'll go with your choice
  8. Hi Paul, What social media can you plug into Blinkfeed..? is it just Facebook/Twitter or can you add Instagram Google+ etc..? Cheers Rick
  9. they are cutting it fine if it is meant to start in October ...not heard anything for a while.
  10. Cool is this from the horses mouth so to speak..?
  11. i can't get this to work on my desire HD i have followed the guide and all i get is a black screen with notification bar at the top ...i have left it like this for 5 mins but nothing happens and the phone goes really laggy ...only way to get back to normal is to restart phone and uninstall VISIONary.... anything i'm doing wrong..?
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