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  1. Just in case anybody comes across this that is having similar problems, it occurred to me that there was another factor that was staying constant; I backup up my apps & data using Titanium and then restore them whenever I wipe the device, so it could be an app that I keep restoring that keeps causing the data drop. Therefore I wiped my device and am installing items from the Play store, a few at a time, and setting them up manually. I'd been out for a few short drives and the data signal didn't drop, yesterday I was able to do a good run out and the data signal was still constant. I'll carry on adding the apps a few at a time so that if the problem re-occurs I'll have a better idea who the culprit is.
  2. If you've only had it 2 months then you should be able to take it back to where you purchased it. Failing that, it sounds as though your battery has failed, does it look ok; not bloated and the contacts are clean? Perhaps you could try getting a new battery only.
  3. My previous phone was a Galaxy Nexus running CM11 on the T-Mobile (UK) PAYG network. If I travelled any distance it would eventually lose it's mobile data connection. I'd still have a mobile signal so could make calls but I couldn't access the Internet. To get the mobile data back I'd have to switch aitplane mode off & on, but even that sometime wouldn't work and I'd have to reboot the device. I'd read reports of similar issues with the GNexus, and tried flashing various radios with no change, so I figured it was purely an issue with the device itself. But, I fairly recently changed to a Moto G (16GB, from Tesco but currently running GPE) and was still getting the same issue. So I started thinking that it might be a T-Mobile issue, maybe something related to the EE merger and, as I had an original T-Mobile SIM, the cell tower negotiation failing. I contacted T-Mobile about this but they weren't much help. I'd been with T-Mobile for a long time and figured it was time for a change anyway so I've switched to GiffGaff, thinking this should finally resolve the problem. Unfortunately I'm still getting the mobile data dropping! So, I've swapped phone AND network and I'm still losing my data connection :( I'm out of ideas so any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Yes, this is what I do, except I only top up by £10 a month to get free 'unlimited' internet _and_ texts for the following month. I don't actually use my phone for voice that much so I let the balance build up to around £60 and then buy the £20 booster to cover the next 6 months internet and I don't then have to top up again for the whole 6 months. When the 6 months has expired I then start topping up £10 again to get the internet and the cycle starts again.
  5. Immediate thought would be to use a bluetooth headset, such as the SE MW600, as an input to the hi-fi. But you may get the same experience as wired.
  6. It doesn't have Huawei's name on it so I'd say it is a generic replacement made to look like a Huawei battery. The _printed_ voltage, capacity and limited charge voltage match the original and it seems the same size. Why? Couple of reasons; the cigarette lighter in my car doesn't work so it'd be useful when using the phone as a sat-nav and I like to camp away from civilisation so I bought this as an emergency backup to compliment my solar charger. I'm currently running the FLB rom and the battery life has never been better, I can normally get a three days usage even with fairly intense wi-fi.
  7. Ordered a spare battery for the Pulse from here (ebay) a few days back and it arrived this morning. It appears to have been sent from within the UK and looks to be an official replacement battery. I currently have it charging but it seems to be working correctly. (No connection with the seller, just a satisfied customer). I was also after a desk charger. found this one here (ebak HK) but have not been able to find them in the UK. I asked the seller of the battery if they'd be able to get hold of these but he said not.
  8. If you don't like the thread just ignore it and move along, no need to get all snotty. This makes a nice, fun, change to the gazzillion of 2.1 threads.
  9. In my experience, no, a class 2 is not sufficient for apss2sd. Class 4 seems to be the minimum, I use an 8Gb SanDisk Class 4 and it works fine.
  10. What version of CoPilot are you using? In the latest you can certainly see the notification bar and it now uses the Android keyboard.
  11. There is no requirement for linux, it can all be done from a windows machine. Use Titanium to backup all your apps & settings to your 2GB SD card, copy all this to you computer, install your 16GB as you did your 2GB (i.e. use recover console to wipe device & create the partitions), copy the titanium backup to the Fat32 partition, use titanium to restore the apps, data & system settings, reboot and everything should be a-ok. make sure your 16GB card is fast enough though! Class 4 minimum, I have had issues with 8GB Class 2 cards.
  12. Yes, FaceBook will class as Internet. T-Mobile have the best Internet deal that I know of, so It shouldn't cost too much to keep free Internet (£10 top-up a month or 6months for £20). It's exceedingly easy to hack, see the top of this forum for details.
  13. I had a SanDisk 8GB Class 2 MicroSDHC card in my Pulse before I flashed it with the U8230 ROM and everything worked fine, I then flashed it with U8230, with a 512KB EXT4 partition for apps (created using the system recovery console), but it was never totally stable. Whenever I shut the phone down using the 'Phone Options' (i.e. not a battery pull) I had to Repair SD:ext. This was fine as I kept the phone charged and very rarely shut it down. Then when I was away on a break, and had left the phone on charge over night, when I looked at the phone it was stuck on the Android logo. I tried various repairs & wipes but couldn't recovery it. When I got back home I tried re-flashing and eventually got the phone back but couldn't install any apps no matter how often I re-partitioned or repaired SD:ext. After reading around I found out how to manually re-partition using parted and then sdparted, but when I tried this on the 8GB card I got errors. I figure the card had become corrupted so I ordered a new one off Amazon and set up on a SanDisk 4GB Class 4 card I had lying around. This time I did the partitioning manually using sdparted and it returned with no errors. I then wiped & reflashed the device and everything works as I'd expect. I never have to repart SD:ext and it's very stable. I've now got my SanDisk 8GB Class 2 card and, whilst I don't get errors from the sdparted, after the wipe & re-flash I get numerous FC errors and can't install any applications. The only real difference I can think of between the 4GB and the 8GB cards is that the former is Class 4 and the latter is Class 2. Sorry for the long post, but I figured I'd better put as much info as possible in. I suppose the actually question I'm asking is; is anybody else using a SanDisk 8GB Class 2 MicroSDHC successfully?
  14. I use CoPilot a lot on my Pulse and have not experienced any of these bugs. Certainly never had to restart it during a journey. Had a problem re-opening CoPilot if I got a call but I found an app to replace the camera button with CoPilot and CoPilot remembers where it was going so that's OK now. Have a very good holder from halfords (detailed in a post somewhere) and have a fairly standard usb charger which does what it needs to. IMHO the Pulse is more than up to being an in-car sat nav.
  15. Same here. Had to ring to ask what was going on, the bloke said my account had been 're-provisioned' and I should reset my phone. After the reset everything was back to normal.
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