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  1. I can't even link my profile photo to 'Me' in people. What's up with that!
  2. havent gone back to JD6 yet, still very happy with JE2 version. I think this is the longest I ever have to flash, thank you again Rapid I'm now tweaking it with the new Buuf customization. Still trying to find a way to change background and icons.
  3. this is a little bit faster.. im looking forward to the day when it's fully optimised
  4. Hi Rapid, your works are so awesome. Do you intend in perfecting Sense 2.5? or are you willing to spend some time in working Sense 2.1, just for optimum graphics?
  5. all seems to be working well now... perfect!! there is just still some issues with lag especially with the messages tab. i compose messages and then someone calls and it made the phone hang. i think i'll just remove the messages tab and resort to other sms handler.
  6. I'm currently connected to wi-fi but it says that i am not connected to the internet... this is why i cant test weather, and login to twitter and facebook, prolly wont get even to browse the internet from my fone. Got everything working now. Just restored connections settings and synchronised through MyPhone to get facebook to work. good job!
  7. currently trying this rom..first five minutes. need to install google maps to update weather? can't login to facebook or twitter. will test further thanks fo this
  8. I actually did. I was just trying to experiment without CSC. Now I'm using it as per the instructions in the first post. :P. Sadly, that new appointment thing still does not respond. prolly a software conflict. thanks for the speedy reply! wish i had paypal.
  9. i actually didnt have problems with AS or facebook or anything else that was mentioned. it is a very good ROM. although from flashing back and forth i noticed that "new appointment" doesn't respond. it did when i erased CSC and now i flashed the CSC back (following a lot of hangs), it doesn't work.
  10. actually did that. i'll just reflash. thanks!!
  11. i just have a query - how do i unlock the default 'My Internet' data connection. it seems to be locked to t-mobile. it didn't ask for me to save the settings of my local network. did i do something wrong?
  12. take note guys, the default performance of this rom is at auto, and it is still amazing!
  13. trying this now.. many many thanks!! EDIT: just flashed, so amazed!!! will test it now!
  14. Has anyone ever tried this? How will it work with our Omnia 2? I did using a lite ROM with some problems in snappiness and some connections to programs. Maybe some can try too http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=667856
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