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  1. Perfect! Just needed to put the ?\Storage\OI.exe,-1 at the end of the text...
  2. Hey RufusA, that's a damn good idea...I now have mine setup to only overclock when I run certain apps. The only niggle is that it changes the program icon to that of the 'omapclock' app. Is there any way to change it back?
  3. But, using the comms button for strafe means you can easily fire + strafe at the same time...you wouldn't be able to easily do that if the IE button was set to strafe...
  4. Thanks, that solved it! But why? To me, 'beam' indicates InfraRed...what's it got to do with Bluetooth? ?
  5. My mistake, it's actually a W800i. I've managed to pair the devices (from his phone), then I get the 'Partnership Settings' on mine (it lists serial port, dialup networking & input device - only dialup networking is selected). I then click finish and I can send files to his phone, but when he tries to send to mine it fails (with a 'Retry?' option). Thing is, I can select the 'input device' option and use his phone to control mine... :confuzzled:
  6. Yup, box is on. What's the deal with the COM port setup (outgoing/incoming)?
  7. Nothing constructive to add, but that's a damn good idea! Drums are my main instrument, and it's a bugger when I'm @ work (bored) and come up with a funky new beat, then forget it by the time I get home... I remember running a tracking program on an old 133Mhz PC...someone should definitely port one over to the PPC
  8. Could someone please explain how the hell I’m supposed to setup Bluetooth to allow comms between 2 phones? My mate has a k700i, but for some reason, when he tried to search for nearby devices, nothing comes up. When I do it, it finds him and we can pair the devices no problem. I can then send him files, but he can’t send anything to me. It’s not like this is the first time this has happened. I could never received files on my previous phone either (SP3i) – tried receiving files from Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones but it never worked. I’m presuming that Bluetooth on WM devices is a tad different (and harder to setup) than ‘normal’ phones?
  9. Well, I took a chance and bought Resco Photo View, and it's brilliant. So much better than the standard viewer (it seems faster as generating thumbnails too).
  10. ...even the WM2003 picture viewer supported animated GIFs, so why doesn't WM5?
  11. Why doesn't WM5 support animated GIF's? The built in 'Pictures & Videos' app only displays the first frame... Is there any kind of 3rd party Picture viewer that supports animated GIF's?
  12. Not too sure about sites like gmail/hotmail (I don't have accounts), but I was able to log on to my online banking the other day to pay a c/card bill...
  13. Panasonic GD92 Nokia 8210 Samsung A300 Samsung T100 SonyEricsson T610 i-mate SP3i i-mate K-Jam yup...that's it. First phone in '99 and changed it every year since then.
  14. Hmmm...on my K-Jam I get the option to store on the Storage Card ('Camera -> Settings -> Tools -> Options -> General' the 'Save to:' drop down box lists either Storage Card or Main Memory). I did a search through the registry when I first got the phone and changed the save folder to My Photos (instead of My Pictures) - you might wanna have a search through the registry... [edit] Just had a quick look...if you go to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> IA Style -> IA CameraWizard(Pocket PC) -> 3.00 -> Strings' there are some keys in there you could possibly change (one of which is 'Image Folder' which (on mine) currently states 'My Documents\My Photos'). Now, I changed my default My Documents folder to appear on the storage card instead. I'm guessing you could possibly just change the key to read 'Storage Card\' - but don't quote me on that! If your registry layout is different to mine, just do a search for 'camera' or 'my pictures' - you should be able to find it. (Please, please backup your registry if you want to try this. I'm not too sure if the 'Storage Card\' bit will work...)
  15. C64 Pocket C64 Setup: Head over to Clickgamer, buy software, download, install on phone, and register with provided key. Speed: Very fast (with frameskip set to 1). Compatability: Only had chance to test 2 games (Monty on the Run, and Manic Miner) both of which played perfectly, with full sound (aaah...the magic of SID!) Notes: Has full landscape support (both clockwise/anticlockwise). Can't use Wizard keyboard as C64 keyboard (yet, still looking into this). Need to setup joystick as number 2 (won't work properly otherwise). Also, don't set the 'Message' button as fire if you're using the dpad - if you accidently press the 'action' button (one in middle of dpad) and the 'message' button at the same time, the screen alignment tool pops up, which normally requires a soft-reset to get out of the alignment loop it gets stuck in...
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