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  2. actually JERK i can do what i want thank you very much i know tonz of PEOPLE ARE HAVING THIS PROBLEM! I POSTED THIS SO PEOPLE CAN GET IT FIXED all YOU NEED TO DO IS download SMSFIX on the android MARKET AND set it 2 HOWEVER MUCH THE TIME IS BEHIND! thanks fluffer
  3. got it working just fine thanks
  4. I have windows 7 and I have downloaded all the drivers that i can think of and HTC SYNC picked that on my phone and IT SAYS DISCONNECTED how do I CONNECT IT thank you! PLEASE HELP!
  5. I hard rest my phone and now the SD CARD DOES NOT READ! yes its inserted properly PLEASE HELP ME!
  6. On my received messages they are 4 hours behind current time. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. fact of the matter is HTC makes phones that have more problems and returns than any other PHONE EVER MADE excuse ME if i'm being rude but y not have all the cake and eat it to meaning TOUCHWIZ SAMSUNG WIDGET TOUCHFLO SENSE not possible on HTC plus HTC does not have a very good keyboard phone TP2 sucks
  8. thx for the "pass" why can't they just call it PASSWORD! lol
  9. when i go to flash it keeps saying timeout-- timeout-- timeout-- timeout-- timeout-- PDA Device not found. WHAT DO I DO?
  10. whats the password for the new updated M2D????????????????????????
  11. i went into those settings and the only options are Globe Smart SUN red mobile i choose the SUN and now everything WORKS! internet, weather on home screen!, and email! man this is AWSOME! hahahha another question those guys can you customize the facebook, opera, calculator, google maps, camera picture row? that the row just below the calender on home screen.??? also how do u add favorite wesites in internet tab? and is there a 24 hour countdown timer you can download? oh another thing i noticed that doesn't work is under settings tab the wallpaper (Homescreen Background) doesn't work.... oh and what about getting the messages in Messages tab to look like the HTCs? the email one does..... GOD BLESS THE FORUM COMMUNITY THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE HELPED ME specially Sb.
  12. great from doing that now i just lost the quick launch button underneath the clock, calender, in the home screen:(!!!!!!!!!!!
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