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  1. Hi, one day I spent over 6 hours sitting and reading all roms descriptions, then downloading them and comparing, but there was always something.. My question is maybe you use a rom that: - is lite - has normal samsung keyboard (or swype) - has working mms option rest of the application is of course downloadable so they pose no problem. I ended up having full+ Summit rom but it's too slow, so any choices you could recommend? regards
  2. hi, installed everything but the'r problem with file certificates, either pictuires or music, any solutions?
  3. lol, if you ran a forum you'd know it happens "automagically" every day :> no matter how is the structure organised and users informed.
  4. You can look for newer CSC or MULTI CSC and choose one of german layouts When it comes for phone use latest JC1 I have hrybrid II with the following config: csc: inuje2 - newest Indian rom phone JC1 yes you can mix those without any major problems. It works fine for me.
  5. No prob, but since you can choose any game wouldn't it be beter to get asphalt 5? :>
  6. Did you by normal or HD version? seems to me that HD is this 3d I guess you could order asphalt 5 but HD :> If you flashed your phone with daskalos hybird, you'd have asphalt 4 hd in.
  7. read the whole readme even form the 10.1 version and ther's no SINGLE word about this being a paid feature. The only feature making it different is instant load/save state function. turns out this is the only possibility. After purchasing works.. not perfectly but works.. a pity this info isnt't CLEARLY mentioned on their website.
  8. Hi, I recently starded playing with FPSCE, apart from tons of fun and battery going down freaking quick I have one problem. Did anyone manage to use b7610 g sensor with it? I'm using daskalos hybrid rom II have instaled ported htc dlls - I know they work since whip2snap works OK. I'm adding the g-sensor icon onscreen and change controls on pad menu to sensor but can't get it to work.. (screen touch option works fine) anoyone being more succesful? regards, stn
  9. I don't remember direct code offhand but you can type *#0228# then "back", "back" and look for it I don't remember the camera security code sometimes it's 1234
  10. *#0*# megacam test same? admin menu - camera driver update same? *2767*2878# - reset to factory defaults same? *2767*3855# - hard reset same? reflash!
  11. hello, I didin't manage to download Daskalos hyrbrid II before it was "gone" could anyone give me a link do downloadable version of this? TIA
  12. or CE Reg Editor good windows side client. Remember to unlock registry in CeRegEdit before applying changes.
  13. Hey guys! ease down!!! Misunderstandings sometimes happen. You apologised, Daskalos may forgive. But it's not about remembering it and coming back every occasion. We are all working together for ourselves because unfortunately samsung doesn't care about PRO users. So it' better to help each other than figth and quarrel. I guess so, cause it also doesn't show update for earlier Indian version. Probably it's not so official yet. Waiting for your upload. [;
  14. yes, but fus downloader does not see anything when this data given.. Could you share download link or I hope you upload it somewhere after downloading.
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