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  1. I would like to thank all the wonderful people here in the Omnia 2 forum for there amazing work and help to make this phone useful!!! I bought a Galaxy S (i9000m) so i will not be posting in this forum any more :D thanks all and keep working hard for those who still have this phone!
  2. i find that updating to new kernal almost always forces me to reinstall from scratch. the apps i have installed seems to mess everything up. once i do a fresh install with new updates then restore via titanium everything runs well
  3. so anyone sharing o2b2update file they made? as for sleep of death voytechst seems to be right about the cpu driver. i have lots of issues with it. i also think the min proc speed has something to do with it. 3d drivers is possible to task killer not sure as it doesnt seem to bother it
  4. could someone make an O2b2update file for his changes?
  5. eboot shouldn't matter as its not running when android takes over. phone part is still running gps and/or cpu setting could possibly be carried over but not 100% positive
  6. dunno but the INSTANT i changed the bin my battery life while in standby went down. very straight forward..
  7. i left the radio settings to default. just flash the new phone bin.
  8. joser1309 posted in the massive thread that he fixed his battery probs by updating his phone part to JF1 I did the same thing and am happy to report it worked!! i now see android system using 97% of battery and phone standby using minimal 1-2%!! I have i8000L and am on Bell (850/1900) so no need to worry about flashing your phone part!! JF1 can be found here ---> http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...t-kingmobi-net/ Good luck!
  9. are you on bell? i would like to try too but afraid of loosing phone signal.
  10. with SetCPU i was getting SOD. without it i dont seem to have issues but haven't tested new version for more then 30-40 min on at a time. i plan to reinstall SetCPU to see if i can get it working.
  11. works well for me. SetCPU got messed up some how(shows wrong cpu speeds) but android works fine without it. Still high battery drain on i8000L with HSPA (approx 10% per hour in sleep)
  12. about 1 year after you sell it.. frankly this project is for fun and will probably never be 100% complete. enjoy the ride and be glad you can play angry birds! lol
  13. so is that a yes or a no.. lol i will try the above tonight (10 hours from now :huh: ) worst case it doesnt work...
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