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  1. its just the same as the apps keep hols and move it to the X thats sitting at the top of the screen
  2. i keep seeing tons of new stuff posted in the transformer forum but why not the prime? i think all us proud prime owners need to get modaco booming with more prime related stuff i just received mine this week so anything i find out while researching for info i will try and build up this forum with.....
  3. mikeyxb

    Who owns a asus TF Prime?

    and from what i have just been reading windows 8 is going to support arm so with bootloader being unlocked and win8 being arm then i think we have hope of getting windows 8 on our ATP to get the best of gaming aswell hopefully :D
  4. mikeyxb

    Who owns a asus TF Prime?

    thank you very much exactly the answer i was looking for :)
  5. i should be pretty soon be grtting my TF Prime very soon :lol: and since modaco is my number one source for information i thought i would ask some people who actually own one some questions.... 1.... is it as good as everyone makes out to be? 2.... would you have liked to have bought a different tablet if so which one? 3.... what are the bad points about it? 4.... has anyone been successful at booting BT 5 on this (and how did it go if you did)? 5.... do you think we get it to boot windows 8 once its released? please feel free to answer any which one of these questions and if anyone else feels there are other cool things we all should know about this tablet feel free to do so.... also i see there is not as much topics on the prime version of this tablet, is this tablet more or less the same procedures as everything would be on the standard transformer?:D
  6. since android is linux based and it is very possible to port basic u ubuntu onto the prime maybe you could do that theres plenty of software on ubuntu for your needs? maybe get a dual boot, still looking into that myself at the minute
  7. having problems with the rom i have rotted hbooted and clockwork modded installed rom from rom manager all went great then it was running really slow, apps quiting to hone screen without force close error and then it constantly rebooted to mdaco welcome screen so i reverted to my backup, anyone else have this problem ??? EDIT: i figured out that the version of clockwork mod that rom manager gave me was not very compatible so i found the one on here and fasbooted it because i could not flash my backup and now i flashed the backup and went back to this rom and will see how it goes but thanks anyway
  8. mikeyxb

    milestone 2.5

    i just went onto the milestone website and there is an update for android 2.5, is this froyo or what i dont understand has anyone done this update??
  9. mikeyxb

    ANDROID 2.2 - Froyo!!

    we will now we have root so nur,
  10. mikeyxb


    all i can say is woooooooooooo for the info much apreciated and roll on 2.2 custom rom.... cheers again mate
  11. i need a little help getting adb to run on ubuntu 10.04, i have basic knowledge how to do this as i did it with the pulse a while ago but i need to know the details on how to do it with the x10 anyone succesfully done this on ubuntu ???? i figured out i did everything right but one thing because im running 64bit system i had to apt-get install ia32-libs after that it worked like a charm but thanks for the people who read
  12. its not being changed in the phone itself, go into your menu and run proxoid, you have three options start and stop, port and user agent filter, click port and change it to 8088, but if you have a normal internet connection aka broadband you shouldnt have to use proxoid, its for those who have not got a broadband connectionn eg sky or virgin, preoxoid is a tethering app to send your mobile internet to your computer.
  13. open proxoid on your phone open the options menu and there will be an option to change port number, and also seedonk wont work you need the one made by placaware to run with the placaware pc client, search usb webcam in market place it should be the first one by placaware, run it on the phone then on the pc, and yes run that command in your adb console on pc
  14. hi i think i can spot your problem right away, you need sdk froyo which is 2.2 you have installed 1.6 2.2 SDK download also please download the adb driver for the x10 it has its own driver diferrent from the rest, SEMC ADB Android Driver (x10) now when you have done everything that i had explained in my post dont forget to copy and paste overwrite the adb.exe from the 2.2 sdk to your USB web camera install folder, this is very important, and one thing to get rid of the green screen after doing the steps needed run this command from your adb "adb forward tcp:8088 tcp:8088" without the quotes, and run this command before you run usbwebcam, and dont forget to change the port number to 8088 in proxoid on your phone

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