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  1. niko1986

    Which launcher

    I don't know what happened to launcherpro and its development. Seems to have stagnated and the promised total rewrite gone. But it was a good launcher. Never tried go launcher, do can't comment. Tbh I prefer the stock launcher.
  2. niko1986

    [ROM] CyanogenMod Plus

    I've tried barnacle but even with the skip wpa option i cant tether. I says its working but I've checked it with my wifi pc, laptop, ps3, wifes phone nothing detects it.
  3. niko1986

    [ROM] CyanogenMod Plus

    Think its possible to get wifi tether working? I need it or else gonna have to get a 3g equiped IPAD 2 :(
  4. niko1986

    Google Maps 5

    Cant remember the name but a XDA member (Brut? maybe) made a custom version of maps and even months ago it used googles then experimental vector graphics so unless google is limiting it to newer phones specifically i dont know. But vector maps do work on plus.
  5. niko1986

    Gingerbread (2.3) for Pulse

    Don't see any mention of multitouch being enabled?
  6. niko1986

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    CM 6.1 has went final, no longer release candidates. Perhaps if you got some spare time you could compile a new rom to the latest CM please Tom ;)
  7. niko1986

    Advent Vega or Archos 101

    I might pick up a Archos 7 as a geek distraction until some mid range second generation tabs come along. Had a hands on with the Vega and inspite of the lovely future proof tegra it feels like its held back by its screen. And the archos 101 looks lovely except its lacking in memory and future proofing. Hope the two tablets have a child and make something like im wishing for.
  8. niko1986

    Leaving the Pulse (ish)

    Apart from being inferior at playing music, videos, games and performance. It craps on the touch at being a phone :P TBH just run the pulse on tom's CM 0.4 and its brilliant for everything except videos and games reallly. Hope you enjoy you touch though ;)
  9. niko1986

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    Seeing as pixmania is sold out and is selling them for about 160 i'd maybe get a spare and ebay it :P
  10. niko1986

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    http://www.staples.co.uk/technology/pcs-an...ternet-tablet-7 Is this link the one you were talking about. If they sent out a archos home 7, someone needs shooting for putting up the totally wrong specs, even the pdf shows capacative and 250gb hard drive ... bargain if those were the specs though.
  11. niko1986

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    How has Froyo improved the Archos? Almost time to choose whether to get this or the advent vega ;)
  12. Thanks ;) Though i feel silly, because I've been in that menu but thought it was for the power widget >_<
  13. No I mean when you pull down the status bar. I have settings i can change, wifi, bluetooth, gps and volume. On the first page picture of your status bar pulled down you can also change to 2g it looks like. Is that an addition of the framework or is that also an option of CM6?
  14. Is the additional power control in the status bar part of this theme or can you change them within the cyanogen settings? I've looked thoroughly but can't find a setting so i guess it is part of the theme.
  15. niko1986

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    Thank you so much for your hard work on porting cyanogen to the pulse. The quality of cyanogenmod really shows in terms performance increases and useful additions to android. At the very least please compile a new rom with the latest cyanogen changes every month or so :P

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