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  1. I suppose if it means that applications will work (automatically) via the different hardware platforms then great! Up and downscale the graphics etc... would be amazing!
  2. Taoski

    Should we PodCast?

    Maybe those IRC chats should be podcasted in future.... Welcome back to me BTW... ;)
  3. Taoski

    PocketMind update PocketMusic to V2!

    Pocket Music was and still is the best in my opinion. I listened to the whole Harry Potter series on it and the bookmarks function was a life saver. If i ever get rid of this Nokia in my pocket... i will definitely buy this again!
  4. Taoski

    SPV C550 detailed on the CPW Website

    Will it have a *proper* USB2 interface so we don't have to rely on ActiveStink and a Serial interface? Only then will it compete as a media player device.
  5. Taoski

    Orange preps 240x320 SPV C550

    My old SPV brick looks like a poor cousin even more now! Any idea on price?
  6. Taoski

    Euro 2004



    Comments Its finished! A choice of backgrounds too. From left to right... Owen, the Euro 2004 logo, Kinas - official Euro 2004 mascot, some bloke called Beckham, Rooney. Also, the required ringtones too - "3 lions" and for the pedantic "all together now". Enjoy! And... COME ON ENGLAND!!!!


  7. The screenies look well smart - lets hope that Mr Bill shows some more at the CES show. As well as XBOX2!!!
  8. Taoski

    New Modaco!

    You are (all) the best. This site now totally totally rocks! Keep it going strong into 2005! AND BEYOND!
  9. Taoski

    SSEYO miniMIXA Released!!

    Yeah! I remember KOAN when it came out too! This app looks amazing! Can't wait to get my grubbies on it...
  10. Damn! Pipped to the post (as usual)!
  11. Just noticed this thread and app! Excellent work. It only took nearly a year from my first idea posting!! :) Keep up the good work! I'm off to predict the Lottery for November next year! :(
  12. Taoski

    Beersoft; Anything flat in Milton Keynes?

    Make that 3! Up the stony!
  13. Taoski

    MoDaCo Survey - $1500 up for grabs!

    Just type away and think of the money!! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Taoski

    GMail Invite Thread

    You need to PM someone above (like me) with your first name, last name and email address please.
  15. Always nice to put names to faces guys! Its funny how you imagine what people look like from their posts only to find out that they are totally different! You are all much uglier than i imagined! :lol: Glad u all had a good time - shame i could not make it though. I'm sure the wife had something better for me to do that day..... shopping for paint tester pots for example... :oops:

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