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    How have you got yours set up?

    I'm umming and arring whether to take the plunge and tinker with mine. Everything in me says do it - but like Paul said above a lot of the apps I'm going to end up lumped with I don't have any need for. Would actually like to use this as a reading device rather than a like every other android device I own which just ends up getting tinkered with all the time. So before I do it I'm trying to decide which apps might be useful to have on here. So far I'm thinking a couple of news readers - Guardian app is lightweight enough that it might be ok on it? A basic feed reader I guess. Not so fussed about the Kindle app as I can just use ePubs where needed. I like the idea of short press on Nook for standard screen and long press for Relauncher. Airdroid would obviously be very useful. My other concern is battery life - how does rooting and adding extra launchers & apps affect battery life? Does it still go into sleep mode in the same way? Any likelihood of a Modaco Remix on the horizon Paul?
  2. My two both arrived yesterday - ordered 30th April from Foyles and direct from Nook.
  3. I've moved over to Vegacream RC2 after the tablet has been sat doing not much for a while, previously it was running VegaICS. Unfortunately I'm getting lockups on this which is requiring a full power cycle to bring it back to life. After such a lockup and restart there is nothing in /proc/last_kmsg to help debug this, and the locksups are pretty random really. I guess I need to see if I can still connect to the device via adb when I get one of these next time.
  4. Wondering whether adding Compcache into the ROM may be a useful way to combat the memory issues.
  5. An interesting observation - just installed Advanced Task Killer, set it to aggressive and to kill on screen lock so will see how that goes for the next day or so.
  6. Wilb

    Advent Vega or HTC Flyer?

    Agree with all the above, only had my Vega a few days but I love it already. Still on Paul's ROM with a few tweaks but its well impressive. Get anetshare on your Hero too for tethering.
  7. Wilb

    Vega accessories

    Just bought the official case from Currys as I needed it in a hurry, Christ almighty its awful. Its apparently got a "stand feature" which in reality is a 1cm hinge. Going straight back, not worth £3 let alone £30.
  8. What, just squeezing the sides of the phone or the power button (or whatever it is) like in the video, or do you mean installing the alternate lock screen?
  9. Yes - if you do not have GPS turned on (or are inside or whatever) then your phone cannot get an approximate location through triangulation.
  10. Did anyone ever publicise what needs doing to fix the coarse location bug in alpha 3?
  11. Wilb

    vs Milestone 2

    Likewise - keyboard is what I want & may finally get me to switch from my Hero. However, I'm wondering why this doesn't have the snapdragon and only has an 800Mhz CPU, would have hoped for it have to matched the spec of the current Desire at least.

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