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  1. Just wanted to share.. If you would like to have the hardware buttons allocated like in WM (ENDCALL is Home, LOCK is Power On/Off, BACK is Back) just put those 2 files from ZIP (make a copy of yours!) in /usr/keylayouts, and reboot :) keylayout.zip
  2. Hi, First of all.. Great Job! I installed it on Internal Storage and it works great. But I still need the external SD card inserted. If I pull out the externat SD card the Android won't boot (stuck at the "Android on Omnia II..." screen). There must be still some dependency on external SD card. Anyone knows how to fix that? Also the phone does not discover the USB cable while connected to PC. I followed 100% of the Gardakkan's guide..
  3. Can you change the PagePool size to 6-8 MB? That would give us some more free RAM. Thanks. Great ROM!
  4. How did you make 154MB of RAM? Does it mean that the pagepool is 6MB ? Good Job!
  5. Sad, but true... There is an accelerator, but the Samsung drivers are faaaar from perfect...
  6. Guys, While we are waiting for the Beta2 of Rodrigo's great work, take a look at this great Home Tab enchancement: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=625483 Let us know if you have successfully installed it and got it working (I'm testing other ROMs right now and cannot check). That would be a "good to have" option for the next ROM release.
  7. Finally got it working:) I hope in Beta 2 we won't need this, but for now here's the workaround: 1. Install SmartReader (cabs are available on the forum) 2. copy SmartReader.exe from /Windows to somewhere in your storage (let's say My Storage) 3. Rename it (in My Storage) to SmartR_.exe and copy it back to the /Windows folder. 4. Copy the attached file in /Windows folder. SmartReader.exe Of course all the credits goes to Rodrigo, he's the author of the wrapper, I just changed the name of the exec.
  8. Rodrigo, I see you made a wrapper for Camera.exe, so the camera button works. Can you please recompile it also for SmartReader.exe so we can have this app working also? I tried to crack your wrapper but the exec is not working any more:) BTW. I'm not the first one to say that but.. that's the best ROM for O2!
  9. I tried the Dialer Rotastrain on Rodrigo's Sense 2.5 ROM and it runs fine, but the VideoCall does not work. No solution yet, Samsung is using different library for this functionality (VideoCall.dll) and I guess the video call won't work without the code changes.
  10. Does not work on Omnia II with WM 6.1 and Sense UI 2.1. Still keeps restarting after 5-10 seconds of running.
  11. Internet works like harm! You have something misconfigured with the connection. The clock thing is the normal Sense UI behaviour:) It made that way to have a nice flipping effect.
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