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  1. Hi guys saw this topic and thought id leave reply cause ive alrdy had my B7610 phone sent for repairs (i live in the Netherlands) and got it back 2 weeks ago. They did a software update there that fixed my probs (battery draining and not charging) BUT it is still version CE OS 5.2.21889 (Build 21889.5.0.87) WM 6.5. but that doesnt mean that Andre is wtong! I rlly hope he got the right info ! would love to see 6.5.5 ROM
  2. Hi guys im trying to get it to work via the method on the site, but every time the load tries to format a part of the SD card to ext2 it says failed and it doesnt mount it either it says! Im trying now to format my SD (to fat32 i presume is necessary) and then load the haret.exe Edit: Bummer veen after format of sd card it cant mount the ext2 partition and then just reboots back to WinMo
  3. Dear Daskalos, your usual password isnt working on the .rar file! Can you PM me the new one???!!! plx i rlly wanna try this ROM
  4. nope havent installed anything extra.. it is there i know but only on starting the device and inserting my pin... after that it doesnt work or i get the double lock problem
  5. Ok, ill try to get that golden color with black into those images! Hope i can give you some good stuff B) Offtopic: Btw Daskalos i still cant use the samsung lockscreen on your armani v3 rom:( i can only use the WM 6.5 one... i rlly would like to use the samsung one cause i like the player controls on the lockscreen :lol: ty in advance! Update: here tell me if you like them and what you else would like! Btw my photoshop skills arent the best so.... i cant do everything yet B) but im willing to learn. link for the images to download:Armani images Gold
  6. Does anyone know how to resolve the problem that the samsung lockscreen only shows at startup and after that only the windows slider one comes up? I rlly like the samsung one cause of the player controls that are usable on that lockscreen( i listen music very often).
  7. Daskalos thanks for this ROM, its really fast! Im hoping to see a 6.5.5 or 6.5.3 version of this ROM but until then ill keep using this!
  8. Wow daskalos, cant w8 i loved your last Armani ROM! Offtopic: Did you see NRG Rom guy is now making roms for i8000? Would be cool if you two got together and made the ultimate B7610 ROM! Fast and super sleek :P
  9. Hi NRGZ28! Welcome to Modaco m8! Could you also make a B7610 version? The i8000 and the B7610 are alot like eachother! I would love to see a B7610 Rom from you
  10. Hey Daskalos, Could you re-upload this ROM? plx i rlly liked it but cant reflash after i tried your sense ROM....
  11. Cool that you had the authorization alrdy! cant w8 to see a ROM based on this UI. by the way i meant this Hybrid one(srry i didnt mention it b4 ;)) : B7610 HYBRID ROM II: B7610 NXXJC2/ I8000 JE3
  12. Hi Daskalos, Got a nice idea maybe for a next ROM release?!! You could try this sense mod: MaxSense Mod It rlly looks awseome it a friend of mine has tried it on the X1 and it was faster then a sense rom he tried before! Another question: is the hybrid ROm you had up here coming back? cause i would like to have that as a backup rom cause it so stable.
  13. eerhm, youre right ;) i will then, its just why didnt Daskalos put the drivers working in this ROM? Cause why is there a camera on this phone if i cant use it with this ROm.. :D
  14. Dear Daskalos, Im rlly impressed so far with your Full sense ROM. But after working with it now for a couple of weeks i still cant get the camera working even after reflash or hard reset it just wont work. Installing the samsungcamera.cab doesnt help at all. For the rest it is agood rom.!!!! would rlly like to have the camera working cause im going on vacation in 2 weeks :angry:
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