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  1. Hi all. I usually use wifi and I've found our beloved omnia2 a very high power consuming device, the higest in my "collection of devices" even I have other "wifi libertas" devices but they don't use so much battery. I tried to use iwconfig txpower to low the power used as I use in my other devices to 4dBM, but in this case the libertas driver doesn't accept any change,the default option is 13dBM. Ipaq3870, do you kown if this a proper device behaviour? is it a bug? It would be great to be able to modify the txpower scheme (i use a mifi device and of course 4dBm is more than enough) Thanks
  2. Thanks Ipaq3870 it would be great to have iptables, droidwall and similar doesn't work without iptables.
  3. Hello Ipaq3870. First of all thanks for your kernels, they make my omnia usable as never before. It's possible to have versions of your kernels with iptables included? Thanks
  4. Hi all. I've been asking for help to have droidwall working in our beloved i8000 with CM6, but no success. So I've decided chage the orientation: Can anybody show howto compile the kernel sources to have a working iptables modules?. I have no experience with crosscompiling kernels, but Ive recompiled linux kernels in x86 platfom before. Thanks
  5. Hi all. Dev's congrats for this awesome work, finally with this CM6 I'm going to pass definitely to Android. From my point of view, the one missing feature is a proper iptables implementation, in other beta's there were ipetables modules (that I've never get them to work) but this CM6 lacks these modules. Please, can anybody help with this? Thanks
  6. Hi all. Trying to use Droidwall, but there is a problem with iptables modules. Trying to load manually using insmod in terminal by insmod ip_tables.ko or iptables_filter.ko there is a problem with symbol or kernel versión. Perhaps this modules were compiled for other kernel version? Can anybody compile the modules for this new kernel? I'd try to compile by myself but not user to compile (crosscompile) kernels. Thanks a lot
  7. Hello all. in my last post, I ask help for a iptables module compilation, please forget it because I've found that it's already in our phones. Anyway Droidwall doesn't work with this module, and insmod doesn't seem to work, ¿Can you help on howto load this module to work with droidwall? Help is very much appreciated.
  8. Hello. I want to congrat the devs for this work, My omnia2 is now a revived mobile, I only miss BT, hope it can be done in near future. I can stand the rest few bugs perfectly, only wifi bug it's a little annoying. BTW Voyteckst, do you think that BT support is on the go or is in the far future? Also I want to ask help for some feature. I want to use Droidwall and ask for a netfilter module (iptables) can anybody compile it for me? I'm not very used to compile linux kernels nor modules, though I'm a linux user since long time ago. Can anybody recommend other app similar that do the firewall work better? Thanks
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