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  1. I got a version last week. Got another one yesterday of him aswel. Is it same version? What is it about disabling HLE? and I can't find the INI file in FPSECE folder? Also there is still a delay in pressing the onscreen buttons?
  2. Schtruck is a genius!! - Agreed :) Will send him a PM on FPSece.net now thanks for the help.
  3. FPSEce has made this phone better than anything else out there IMO :). The G-sensor on the HD2 is better than it was on my TG-01 but the delay in tapping the screen isn't :) Thanks for all the videos posted i900french made setting up the G-Sensor easy and I love playing GT2 on the train :). Phones almost perfect just needs the messaging the work properly now.
  4. I had this problem installed 6.5 and worked great with the sound only problem now is the call quality I can hear people perfectly but they can't hear me properly or not at all sometimes. This is the second handset I have had and they have both been the same. I wouldn't buy it you will regret it. Go onto a different network and get the HTC HD2
  5. Got is sorted now thanks :) It's really hard using both with g-sensor
  6. Right I managed to get GT2 working on the phone but cant enable the g-sensor how do I do it?
  7. Just got it :) My GT2 came in the post toDAY HOW DO i GET IT ON fps?
  8. This may be due to where the mouth piece microphone is ;) but I have tried everyway different settings nothing at all. HD2 is looking good B)
  9. Sounds great. The HD2 is a much better phone than the TG01 is terms of calling :) Hopefully people will be able to hear me. I know it's a common problem with the TG01 so when I get my replacement there will be a brand spanker going on ebay ;) I guess seen as he has a HD2 now he will no doubt be making it work with the G-Sensor B) Thanks for all your info mate.
  10. Hope this works with the HD2 the call quality on my TG01 is dreadful. Getting another new one from orange then selling it as I don't want it. Ordered the HD2 with T-Mobile yesterday looks a much better phone :)
  11. Do you know if the G sensor will work in the HD2?
  12. Thanks for your help with this I understand it now ;) I will be purchasing the £5 one as if I got the free one I would only go and make a donation ;) Can't wait for this now look forward to GT2 and Crash Bandicoot ;)
  13. Not fully sure I completely understand how to do this. When I get my copy of Gran Turismo 2 that I ordered from Amazon. I will need to turn it into an ISO. How do I turn it into an ISO what software is best for this? Also what is a bios file and why is this needed? Also is there anything else after this or will I just start FPSece 1.0 then select the GT2 ISO from the main memory (as it runs quicker from here than the SD card) then just start it off running? Thanks for all your help with this I have tried looking but all the information is a little vague.
  14. Therese a program called pocket ISO think you can use this to put the game on an SD card or on the phones main memory then when is FPSece search for the ISO then it should load the game. I hope it works like this anyway ;)
  15. Just bought a copy of Gran Turismo 2 so i can make an ISO from it as it appears this is the best way?
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