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  1. Do you have a mirror for that download? It's reached download limit.
  2. What do you mean? Also, how do you flash the ROM? And here is a mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HOFHOJCY
  3. Possibility of having 6.5.X? Also, will you release Kitchen to the public for developers? I'd love to see more custom ROMs :(
  4. And it's using Chrome B) Now show me the Touch Pro 3 :)
  5. I get up to pressing the Detect Device part: I've highlighted in bold what could be wrong...there was no IMG file to insert? Is something missing?
  6. When you are in a call, there are two buttons on the left side of the phone above the Menu button. The bottom decreases volume, the top increases volume.
  7. Isn't that your Italian ROM that you posted in your other thread? Is it in English or Italian?
  8. Well, I bought this phone in Greece..unfortunatley it's in Greek, but I prefer english, so does anyone have the stock English ROM? I would greatly apreciate it. And maybe instructions on how to re-flash my phone :) Thanks!
  9. Any idea when a GSM version will come out in America? Will be much cheaper to import from there than to buy from the UK.
  10. Hopefully GSM as well, because it'll be MUCH cheaper in the states instead of europe!
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