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  1. For anyone gets error in Play Store "Unknown error code during application install -24". This is related to residual app files in data\data\ when you uninstall an app and try to reinstall. won't be fixed by removing and adding google account again. Using root explorer and delete the app related file in data\data\ fix the problem. Root access required for this.
  2. To be honest I missed that one! But figured it out literally while u wrote this post.
  3. I m getting Error updating/ installing app from play store post beta 10 OTA: "Update for "Google Translate" could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error while retrieving information from server [RPC:S-5:AEC-0])" Same error message in GPe and Sense for all the apps with upgrade or new app installation. Update: removing google account and re adding it have solved the problem.
  4. that's awesome! I assume by "ultimately" u mean when the modaco.switch is out of beta and in full swing. In any case, I'd be keen to test it on my HTC One dual sim 802w if u need a guinea pig. (or Oppo Find 5 for that matter).
  5. awesome work! I enjoy using the modaco switch so much my other android phones with only 1 OS just seem so amateur in hand! :) can't wait for the beta 10. btw, a little off topic here, but will the modaco switch work or easily adaptable to other variants of HTC One? I m specifically referring to the 802w Dual Sim variant (available for China Russia and India). I m having a 802w version delivered in the next few days and very tempted to give it a go. The hardware is mostly similar to the standard M7 (other than dual sim support). I m curious as to if the GPe ROM from modaco switch will actually load at all.
  6. 1st full day with the MoDaCo.SWITCH, no issue so far. everything function as expected. One question relating to today's android 4.3 release from google. Does the MoDaCo.SWITCH require the Sense and GPe ROM on the same version? for example, is it possible to run Sense 4.2.2 + GPe 4.3? Presumably the Sense version of Android 4.3 will take quite some time to be released, but the GPe version should be earlier. I wonder how MoDaCo.SWITCH ROM upgrade process will work in this case. The timing is perfect to test it on Android 4.3 :)
  7. Got this installed on my M7 today, straight from beta1 to beta8. I have to say its rather awesome, REALLY REALLY well done Paul! I've not spotted anything major yet but will definitely post it here if i see anything. One small thing I noticed, the MD5 checksum for the beta 1 in the 1st post is different from the actual MD5 of the ROM itself. Minor issue but just in case people might be confused (I downloaded the ROM twice to double check).
  8. I think this phone is targeting a completely different user base. As far as I m aware of, this is the only decent dual-sim, Dual GSM, Dual 3G and Dual connections phone out there. One might question what's the use of such features, but it is actually really handy to have for people that travel between countries a lot. The Dual GSM Dual Connection feature in particular is very good as it basically enables both Sim be active on 3G basis at all time. It also fills in a huge gap as the high end Dual Sim devices available at the moment (from Motorola and etc) are mostly GSM +CDMA2000 (which are frankly speaking useless to most people), not dual GSM or GSM + WCDMA that most of the world is on. Other phones like Mi One might have faster processors and etc but they are not exactly comparable given the focus on Dual Sim feature. Also, in terms of price,this phone is not expensive versus others in the same class. It is in the same price range as Motorola XT532 which is slower, smaller screen, worse resolution, and weaker dual sim feature.
  9. Does this mean it ll release with unlockable bootloader? will there be a modaco special deal for this? sounds like a better upgrade from Desire HD compared to Sensation.
  10. All the sources seem to be pointing towards a very locked down sensation bootloader. It's a bit too early but would love to know if there is any indication of the sensation being rootable or not. The specs of the phone is a great upgrade from Desire HD, but if Sensation cannot be rooted, Desire HD will be a much more fun phone to have (play around).
  11. throw in mine as well: http://db.tt/rLYpljr anyone sign up using my link in the next few days i ll throw in the answer for dropquest too, so that u get an extra 1gb. before dropquest end that is.
  12. throw in mine as well: http://db.tt/rLYpljr anyone sign up using my link in the next few days i ll throw in the answer for dropquest too, so that u get an extra 1gb. before dropquest end that is.
  13. Revert back for the moment, r2 has a few important puzzle missing ( SU & etc, not necessarily MCR related frankly) , 1.72 is just load of hustle , HTC s such a pain in the ass these days.
  14. It seems MCR r2 is based off the same radio as 1.35 (, and stock 1.72 came with a new radio ( I m not sure if there is any compatibility issue there. Would u recommending flashing the new radio?
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