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  1. but in the past everything worked fine. Maybe I should add that I have a 8gb class 4 microsd card which has an ext4 partition. Shall I format the sd card, deleting all my partitions on it and then try to recover? pls help, I really need my old rom with all data on it !!
  2. Over the phone's recovery was the first thing I tried, as always, but this way did not work, then I tried it over adb, booting up like normal, powering off and then restoring the backup does not work either....
  3. Hey, I do not understand why, but the error message in the title appeared a few days ago as I wanted to restore a nandroid backup... In the past everything worked fine, I made a backup from VillainRom 12 and changed to ChocolateRom1.1r2, but the way back does not work anymore. I am using RA-hero-v1.6.2a. In the internet I found a "how to" how to fix this problem: http://www.androidpit.de/de/android/wiki/v...via_adb!%22 --> in german http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...ndroid-restore/ --> and the howto from this forum But it does not work both ways. Pls help, really need this backup, otherwise all my contacts are away..... greez crapman P.S. In the attatchement you can see my screenshot and where the error message comes...!
  4. yeah I use the stock ( normal ) music app all the time, immediately when I remove iSyncr everything works fine....
  5. Hey, I am using iTunes with a lot of playlists and synced these with my Hero and different roms using the programm "Mobile Master" . Then I found the app iSyncr on the market, which sounds better and easier to use. But since I installed this app, the normal music programm does not play music anymore: Either the app makes an fc or it gives me the message, that the media type is not supported. pls help, greez crapman P.S.: sry for the bad image quality, it was shot with my webcam....
  6. No, I am using MyBackupPro, but in the past it worked flawless for me
  7. Hey, i am using VillainRom in the moment, but the problem is with every rom I ever used ( RaiDroid, r5 mcr, cronos,..) All my favourite contacts with a picture i added manually cause a force crash. But just these few contacts, the other ones without a picture behave normally Wondering why....?!
  8. This Rom scores 134.000 points in the softweg benchmark The original RUU scored 155.00 and my Raidroid about 215.000 ???? Furthermore even if I download more locale the german language does not work and i am not able to overclock my CPU. Please make these points working :-)
  9. Hey, I am using RaiDroid 2.1 Rom which is nearly perfect for me, but there is this one problem I think everybody has: The damn greenish shade in the camera. In the endless vastnesses of the web, I found an 3d Gallery App, which is for example included in the Vanillain Rom. In addition to, that it looks very nice and should make every iPhone user jealous, I found a version which has a camera fix in it. After I installed the apk, I had the nice 3d Gallery and a fully functionally camera with normal colours. For everobdy out there, who thinks that this is interesting should download the attached file and install it trough adb, shell console or a file manager ( which is the easiest way to install an app ) I hope it will help and you'll have a lot of fun with it. But remember that I am not the creator of this app, I just found it and had the toughts that I should share it with you. Greetings to the creator!!! greez crapman P.S.: Just tried it with Raidroid, maybe it works with another rom too... Gallery.Fixed.Camera.brought.to.you.by.crapman.rar
  10. I am using my HTC Hero with RaiDroid 1.1 , AutoKiller with Agressive Preset, Autostarts to reduce the starting apps, Ben 22 Legendary Kernel combine dwith SetCpu to upgrade my CPU to 710 mhz in the ondemand preset. This brought me an improvement from a CPU Score from 150 with original RUU to 210 with this constilation. I just can recommen this for everbody who wants a stable, fast 2.1 rom with Sense greez crapman P.S.: Maybe you have any tipps or improvements for me?
  11. On the popular german website chip.de, came an article today, which says that Eclair for the Hero will release in June and not on 26. april ^^ Check it out for your own: 1. german original http://www.chip.de/news/HTC-Hero-Update-au...i_42555633.html 2. english translated http://translate.google.de/translate?js=y&...sl=de&tl=en greez crapman ;-)
  12. Hey, a friend of mine has a T-Mobile G2 Touch with an internet flat. Internet works super over Edge or Umts. But it does not work to crate a google account on the phone, the phone is from germany and there is the error message that the phoner is'nt able to connect to the internet or to build a stable internet connection, but in the same time you can browse with the browser perfectly. Please help me that he can use the market and other stuff greez crabman
  13. Hey, as i heard from a benchmark i tried it as many other peolpe here too. But i wonder why my results are not as good as others are...:-( Here is the download link to my csv file: http://ul.to/zewv39 maybe you can explain or help me to improve my phone... greez crapman My phones data: HTC Hero GSM Modaco 3.0 Tek 1.91 Kernel 8 GB Sd Class 4 Card the newest JU Radio built from benchmark 1.03
  14. Hey, no problem at all, you could just use your cam like i did...? But to the post before, is there any other way to get the app autostarts..?
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