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  1. With me method u don need anymore MTK... Just need to have drivers installed the ADB ones.. And sp flash tools
  2. ok ok guys i've made it.... tnks God... so ive followed 4 tutorials and the combinations of them got me to this... i will share just take a look: i think this will work on Idol X the 6030X version only all the files needed are here The Sp version is on txt on the file.. User the scatter on the 7zip file load it Sp deselect everything... but the recovery Select the recovery on the Zip file Power off the mobile disconect from pc On Sp click Download and yes and plug hte phone into the pc Wait to complete and unplug the phone from pc.. enter on Cwm by pressing Power and Vol+ as sun u see the logo stop pressing the power and press vol+ till cwm pops. the Zip file Root_Superuser_3.1.3_Busybox_1.20.2-Update1-signed must be on your sdcard now follow the normal procidure to instal zip from Sdcard.. reboot phone after and open supersu, it will ask from Busybox update, choose normal, and done... install RootChecker just to verify.. My big tnks to all of you that help me to get here... and mostly to Rua1(tnks man) for this tutorial - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=38337401&postcount=5 Enjoe....
  3. Power + Volume Down - untill it appears... but nothing happends on mine.. But if i try Power + Volume Up it goes to Cwm :S
  4. I have tryed the 2 methods... The most important step that is booting on factory mode doesnt work on this idol 6030...
  5. can some help me to get je5 photoalbum cause i've tryed je1 je2 and others and to me it does'nt Work.
  6. hi everyone... shadow u the best... can some help me to get je5 photoalbum cause i've tryed je1 je2 and others and to me it does'nt Work.
  7. os meus mais sinceros parabens pelas magnificas Rom's... great Rom's...
  8. hello i've tryed 2 versions of the cooked roms but 7zip gives me error on unziping... "crompession metod no valid to (name of the rom)" Edited: Resolved with 7-Zip 9.04 Beta
  9. hi there, cool lockscreen, but i have a problem.. i use iphone today plugin, and have a Icon to lock screen bue after i install you lock screen the icon(button) stop working can u help me find the exe or ini of you lockscreen????
  10. does your sleepsense works good?? i have tested mine and during the night it blocked.
  11. the 24h after flash.... still very stable... Fast... Ram is 76, after 24h, if i reset go to 96... everson.... great job... i only want to tell you something, on the next Rom's try not to remove the original lock screen it looks cool...
  12. Mine Top 8 are: shut Down Total Commander No Data MAgiCall Sktool Delvius Registry Tweaker Omarket And Now Th VuvuZela
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