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  1. Hi guys, A piece of bad news, my Omnia seems dead after it was inactive for a couple of months. I'm thus unable to make one last rom for our beloved i900s. :( However, prior to my studies, I had made some mockups of a homescreen design I had hoped to implement, but unfortunately could not right now. I've attached them below, in case anyone is interested in them. I used an old copy of PhotoPlus, so the source files are in the spp format ;) If I somehow managed to revive my Omnia, I'll let you guys know :) Thanks for giving me a wonderful experience sharing my creations with you all. I will be around in MoDaCo, but probably more active in the Android forums. Hope to see some of you guys there! mockup.zip


  3. Guest

    • Guest
    • ock

    heejj, ock

    i got a question....

    How did you make your grapichal user interface?

    Can you explain it or something?

    or from where you got you information

    thanks in advance

  4. Great work OCK, i admire you work, really. My Omnia feels like a champ and it`s like having a new life! :) Thank you and keep up with the good work!

  5. NCIBX2

    I wanna first thank you OCK for this worderful ROMs.

    Are cooking a new ROM OCK for Omnia ????

    Does there is a way to cook the home screen today and the other tabs ? (for example put the alarms clock, clock, ..., in every place of the screen as you want, change them, change color, ...) ? And without make a new ROM if possible!

    Tanks ;)

  6. Work is pretty tiring, perhaps more so than studies, as I had to stare at a monitor throughout B) Usually I like to work on roms when I have a block of free time, but that is rare on weekdays. Now perhaps I can put aside an hour each day to finish it up. :)
  7. Hi all, I'm working at the moment, so I'm a bit short on time on weekdays. rest assured that a rom is coming, just that sometimes I'm too tired to work on it at night. I'm trying something new, so it takes some time to get everything together, thanks for understanding :D EDIT: @MimomaN, it will be based on Titanium, just to let you know :D
  8. Hi everyone, I've been busy for the past two days and maybe for the next few days. I've completed some mockups but now the task is to piece them together, which may take a bit more time. I will post a preview of some sort when I've gotten the UI onto my phone. Had an old design from December but didn't really like it, so plan to add in some additional stuff. :D
  9. Hi, it's a behaviour of Manila. :P I've replaced the clock but the flip animation is still there, so it will jump 1 hour 2 min earlier, then show the correct time. I've tried to "fix" this but end up having the clock stuck, so there's no solution to this for now.
  10. Thanks for the recommendation, shall test its performance I'm not entirely sure. There were some Brazilian friends here but I'm not sure if they are using an i900L I can't confirm the DST issue (I'm staying near the equator :P ), I did a search some time back but it was an old fix which should not be in recent WM versions. Hi, does cab installation fail when you attempt to install it over? I will try to get it out before May ends. Shall share some previews when I've completed most of it :rolleyes:
  11. Oh ya, one thing about the files I posted, please go ahead and use them to cook your own roms and share them. I've read some comments about roms cooked using the kitchen files; just to clarify I've no issues with anyone using them and making another rom (and making it available here) :unsure: In fact I'm happy that fellow chefs doing so have made great improvements and bug fixes that were in my kitchen files. P.S. Do keep in mind that some files/skins etc were taken from other authors, so remember to credit them if you plan to share your creations. A list of them can be found on my first post. Thanks!
  12. I'll test it out, thanks for the update. Hmm.. may be tricky to implement this. XML editing should still be possible though :P How's MAPPLauncher? Haven't been keeping track of WM apps recently ;) I believe there's a Titanium plugin for that. PlayIt may work, haven't tried it myself though I've some new icons, I'm not a fan of glossy ones though. Sad its development discontinued, will see if I can have permission to make that happen on our i900 :o Don't think I'll make a SPBMS rom as not all users have bought it. I'll use some free alternatives :P Will check it out, thanks! Hi and welcome! For your problem, the "freeze" is when you are writing sms?
  13. Hi everyone! Been away for a while for my studies, was playing around with some i9000 themes too. Now I've some time to work on my i900 :unsure: I've got some ideas for the homescreen, but was wandering which kind designs/ information you guys would like to see on the homescreen? Some ideas: - Weather - Clock and alarm - Toggle buttons for wifi, bt etc. - Notifications bar (missed calls, new mail etc) You can post some links/screenshots/mockups here if you like :)
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