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  1. Hey. I am not expert in Android. I instaled it but I don't have my contacts from sim card. It is normal?
  2. because you have all settings for various regions.
  3. I didn't flash CSC and during first boot my phone didn't ask me like always that it is loading setting from my sim card. edit: I resolved the problem. Thanks to Rapid81. I flash only CSC now and everything is OK.
  4. I can't connect to internet via gprs. Wi-fi is OK. Any advice to resolve this problem ?
  5. There is new ROM in EUR version on FUS. GT-I8000_I8000NXXJD3_I8000EURJD5_I8000XXJD1_I8000EURJD5_XX_EUR
  6. How can I add other lenguage to this rom - I want Polish. Please any advice ?
  7. I know that is english version but please tell me how can I add Polish language.?
  8. I can't change the time format on main screen. I have 9:41 not 21:41. Please help me in easy way. When I block the screen I have corrent time format. I think it is problem with JMLToday.
  9. I set <Polish> Maybe it is depend on that I choose Polish when I upload rom to my device?
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