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  1. Hi, i am reurned back after 4 months of b7610 repairing assistance....What's the meaning of "gone" in the first topic of this thread? Why i cannot download this rom? Thank you!
  2. Here u r. Goto HKCU/Software/Samsung/Camera I had to add to registry this DWORD AudioNormalCodec Results: value0 - 24,7kb/s (64kb/s), 32kHz, 2 channels, AAC (Version 4) (LC) (SBR/PS) value1 - 12,8kb/s, 8kHz, 1 channel, AMR (Narrow band) value2 - 14,0kb/s, 8kHz, 1 channel, QCELP value3 or 4 - video recording doesn't work at all A little better, but better than none! Note that improved audio will decrease a bit video quality..
  3. my phone is in assistance so i cannt halp you.. sorry. But i can say tha i have the same problem.. so i use another program to remember the unread sms, an it uses vibration extended, i think it g-alarm
  4. As i have the same phone, in my experience the backlight is too bright even if is switched off. But i discovered a trick. The black on amoled display is not illuminated, and the red color is a little bit more bright. I can suggest you to use a black backgrong on a dark red, this way is a night proof 4 reading!
  5. Great work!! TF3D 2.5 can works smoothly now? My phone is in assistance so i cannot test it!
  6. i have only to wait just 2 month... 2 month...... thank you samsung assistance, thank you european warranty, thank you b7610 not sell in italy -.-
  7. I am not joking lol, my b7610 was freezed watching a video, so i just softresetted and...boom! a little explosion into the device.. good not? After that there was a bad smell, but, surprise, the device was working, obviously with some problem... now it's on assitence, 2 month without it............. thank you samsung! My last samsung, innov8 tried to explode in my hands, the battery was really hot, and after that the phone died. I only was recording a video! It's just me unlucky with samsung?
  8. work with Omnia pro b7610? at the moment my phone is broken up, so i can't test.. thx!
  9. same problem here, we need new rom driver i think
  10. as i said, 720x480 slow mode is possible on omnia II / b7610, you have just to read back this thread to find how to : )
  11. it is possible to find somewhere the cab file from verizon omnia II latest rom? I looked at it and it record much better than i8000 rom ( look at this, it seem a lot better than others recordings: ). If not, it's possible to extract from a rom on the net? If yes, how? Thank you so much
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