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  1. Astracat_95

    No more Galaxy S Dev???

    I am on Darky's v8.1 now and yes it really is amazing how this rom works on the Galaxy S! Darky's v8.2 will be out soon too. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=814091
  2. I have both the Omnia II and the Galaxy S and even though I use the SGS as my main phone I am reluctant to get rid of my Omnia II mainly because of the custom roms available for it. But the Omnia II is hindered by its 800Mhz cpu compared to the SGS' Hummingbird at 1Ghz. I still like the Omnia II but its Resistive Amoled screen is another thing to get used to if compared to the capacitive screen of the SGS. Don't get me wrong, I HAVE ENJOYED using the Omnia II and flashing numerous custom roms is a great way of learning how to get to know the phones' workings, but I still prefer Android! I had a T-Mo G2 Touch before the Omnia II, but that was too slow for Android, really. Even after rooting it and flashing several different roms I still didn't like the slowness of the G2 Touch(HTC Hero). The one thing I have to point out is purely a software issue, I have always liked the WM 6.5 roms better than the WM 6.5.3 mainly because I like having a close button in the apps. Something I am really missing in Android! :(
  3. Astracat_95

    strange thing after switch off

    Yeah, I agree, Z4Root was for me the easiest way to root my SGS, I have tried others but they didn't seem to work
  4. Astracat_95

    Froyo Lagfix

    My SGS is running the latest official JPO, I have it rooted and applied the OCLF 2, but I can't really notice a big difference, there's some but not big enough to worry about it. I have to correct myself here, I have reflashed FroYo 2.2 after a troublesome update to 2.2.1. So went back to FroYo 2.2 with Z4Root and OCLF and after 5 runs on Quadrant it now scores an average of 1900+ even with Go Launcher running in the background. So I am quite happy with that result for now...
  5. Astracat_95

    Galaxy S issues: FM Radio & GPS

    Mine is definitely stereo, you really need to make sure the headphones are plugged in completely. As for GPS, no problems there either, my Galaxy S shipped with FroYo 2.2 if that makes a difference. The only times I have lost gps signal was in a bad area, so my other phone (Samsung Omnia II) would have lost signal too.
  6. Hello Everyone I hope you're all well? I have something I wanted to share with you all. As I have received my new Samsung Galaxy S in white yesterday I wanted everyone to know that the new version comes shipped with FroYo 2.2 It also appears to be rooted!? (See screenshot below) The app GikSoft screenshot, used to take the screenshot requires root access to be used. My first impression is pretty good, the GPS seems to work fine, tested on a 5-mile journey accurate and a very fast fix. I'll be testing Google turn-by-turn app more as I have to get to Manchester Airport on Monday. Also, for those wanting to know the actual colour is as in the Korean version of the Galaxy S, Black face, chrome trim and white back cover. I know there have been pictures floating on the internet where the front was white too, but they're not real. (I was kind of hoping for it, though)
  7. I have pre-orderd a new white Samsung Galaxy S, but I'll still be keeping my Omnia II for the time being.... Apart from the fact that I still have another 12 months left on me contract... :)
  8. Astracat_95

    now after seeing this!!! non development

    I was a 'T-Mobile G2 Touch/Hero owner before and how long did it take for the Hero to get the 2.1 update? At least six months, to my knowledge...I ended up rooting it and put (ported from another HTC handset) 2.1 on with the help of those great people on Modaco and XDA Unfortunately the Hero wasn't quite built for speed like the newer handsets are, but it ran fine with the custom roms I've tried. @ OP It seems a bit rash to get rid of an SGS just because of a quiet period on the forums?
  9. Astracat_95

    now after seeing this!!! non development

    Say Hello to a (soon to be) new owner of a white Galaxy S :) I have just preordered one!
  10. If you want to avoid the mess with the carrier's roms I suggest going for an unbranded handset through CPW or other resellers, you'll save yourself a bit of money too! :P
  11. Astracat_95

    Desire HD Contract T-mobile

    I got my Samsung Omnia II from them, an 18-months contract @ £25 per month with 300 mins, 300 txts and 500Mb internet, which is fine for me. No problems except for a delay of one day for delivery, but nothing else negative to report. Their handsets come unlocked as standard, btw.
  12. 7z is asking for a password to unzip, yet I can't find it...? Sorry I was looking at the wrong nb0 file, silly me!
  13. Astracat_95

    Introducing... the Samsung Omnia 7

    Same here, I got my Omnia II on T-Mobile via third party resellers, you are more likely to get better deals that way anyway. So I'd certainly be keeping my eye on that again. I'd have one on T-Mobile or Orange ;-)
  14. Having used both 6.5.3 and 6.5 I'd say I prefer 6.5 for the main thing that sets them apart is the WM6.5 has an option to close apps with the 'X' button, which you can enable in the main menu. Also, the keyboard in WM6.5 is light coloured, the keyboard in 6.5.3 is dark. Speedwise I haven't really paid that much attention to notice much difference, to be honest. If anyone else here knows any other obvious differences between the two, please add them too. :)

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